A briefing for state lawmakers about the security threats for Monday


Perhaps there will be more detailed information, although this is a secure briefing.

“Northam said on Wednesday intelligence officials received “credible” threats of violence, and that out-of-state militia and hate groups planned on attending the rally. Many are expected to protest a slew of bills backed by Northam, including universal background checks on firearm sales and limiting sales to one handgun a month.

The New York Times reported Thursday FBI officials arrested three suspected members of a neo-Nazi hate group amid allegations they planned to travel to the rally Monday.

Philip Van Cleave, head of the VCDL, said he expects between 50,000 and 120,000 people to attend.”

No matter how sensible, law abiding and credible the organizers at VCDL are for this demonstration and lobbying event, if skinheads, extreme militia groups and racial supremacists make a sizable showing, it will not be a good thing for the gun lobby. Don said the demonstration value of armed gun supporters is big. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Neo-Nazis provided a lot of images in Charlottesville, with flags, banners and all the fascist paraphernalia. Van Cleave needs to be careful what he hopes for.


25 thoughts on “A briefing for state lawmakers about the security threats for Monday

  1. Heard a report on the radio (NPR) today that three more people associated with the same group mentioned in the Times story were arrested in Georgia.

    I am all for peaceful protest and lobbying efforts by the VCDL, but it appears this is getting hijacked for reasons other than 2A rights. You said it on another thread: The groups that showed up in Charlottesville were not there to support keeping the Lee statue in place.

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  2. RE: “if skinheads, extreme militia groups and racial supremacists make a sizable showing, it will not be a good thing for the gun lobby”

    Why no mention of Antifa? Antifa may very well be the main “hate group” Northam referred to in the quotation you cite as representing a “credible” threat of violence. After all, Antifa instigated a lot of the violence in Charlottesville, and has been much in the news since then for doing the same elesewhere.


      1. Local, state and federal law enforcement have some catching up to do. Most of the research and money has gone into keeping tabs on Muslims. And, of course, with a few exceptions, they are so far behind the right wingnuts as to be on par with golf holes-in-one on par fours.

        And, as the stats seem to show, the big upsurge in domestic terrorism has been in the last few years. Mostly after Obama left office. I guess he had a good lid on those fine folks as much as he was their favorite target.

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          1. Fail. Now prove to us you can read Gov. Northam’s mind and know what he meant by the term “hate group.”


    1. Antifa is a problem also. I think they would be under the heading of an “extreme militia group”, though they are not nearly as organized. I would not agree that they instigated “a lot” of the violence in Charlottesville. The Nazis and White Supremacists were a pretty strong showing to the point where they overwhelmed any history buffs and made it their thing.

      So far, the FBI have discovered 2 groups from a racist supremacy organization, the second one in Georgia, on its way to Richmond.

      Antifas haven’t been heard from yet.

      Do you have links for the Antifa activities recently?

      Van Cleave has talked about 37 busloads of demonstrators from around VA. That is at best about 1600 people.
      He is expecting 50,000 to 120,000. I think Richmond is in for a wild ride on Monday. Trying to keep guns out of the Capitol and the surrounding square sounds prudent no matter which side of the debate you are on.

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    2. Antifa opposes the Governor’s gun control measures and the Seven Hills chapter has stated it will be supporting the VCDL rally in plain clothes.

      I don’t know to what extent that can be trusted or how much they are in control of their organization but I am more worried about Bloomberg paid false flags than antifa.


      1. Already with the false flags. The only other time I see that is with references to conspiracy nuts.

        Of course, it is an easy criticism. You don’t have to prove anything, just spread the rumors loudly and often.

        Ask Alex Jones, the master of the false flag technique. Or better yet, ask the parents of the dead children.

        I would look more at Trump’s allies, followers and enablers with regards to stirring up hate and discontent.
        His closest advisors might help…when they get out of prison.


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        1. Consider that Bloomberg has plenty of money, is absolutely obsessed with disarming private citizens, and a has complete lack of conscience, and suspecting him of arranging for a riot is quite plausible.


          1. Just like Soros paid to bus voters from Maine to Florida or wherever? Didn’t the conspiracy mongers post pictures of buses from some sports event and claim they were full of illegals?

            Yeah I thought so.

            Honestly, Don, Bloomberg is not going to risk something that stupid. Once money passes hands, the conspiracy is blown.

            How long did it take to snag Parnas for passing Russian funds to Republican campaign coffers? Within an election cycle to be sure. Or for us to find out that Trump was pressuring Ukraine once we started talking to his diplomats under oath? And Giuliani running a Mafia scheme to threaten the Ambassador and spread rumors to get her fired when she was actually looking into some corruption. Didn’t take long for that to surface.

            Truth happens.

            Moral of the story is that once a few people know about schemes and cons, the secret is on its way out.

            Your are set to blame Bloomberg, John is ready to blame Antifas. Yet the blame will lie with VCDL for inviting every extremist Tom, Dick and Harry to join his party so it looks big. Only they did not think it through enough to realize that White Supremacists and Nazis are crashing it. Because it is what they do: violence, guns and maybe some dead Blacks and Jews as a bonus.

            I hope for Van Cleave’s, and Richmond’s peoples’, sake that nothing happens. He seems like he might be a decent sort even if his mind is not on the right track. (Although it is on the “right tract” ;>)). If the poop hits the fan, he better have a good attorney and lots of money because lawsuits will fly.

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          2. @Tabor

            ” . . . suspecting him [Mayor Bloomberg] of arranging for a riot is quite plausible.”

            Actually, it is not in the least bit plausible. In fact, it is idiotic paranoia gone mad.

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          3. Your judgment of Bloomberg is so far off base, it is laughable. If you really look at how he conducts himself and his business he is much more of a “stable genius” then Trump could ever hope to be.

            …”complete lack of conscience”… ? You need look no further that the current rezident of the Oval Office.

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          4. How large a soft drink do you wish to allow me to buy?

            There has been no equivalent enemy of personal liberty in American politics since Carrie Nation.


          5. “If ye love wealth better than liberty,
            the tranquility of servitude
            better than the animating contest of freedom,
            go home from us in peace.
            We ask not your counsels or your arms.
            Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.
            May your chains set lightly upon you,
            and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.” Samuel Adams


          6. “If ye love wealth better than liberty…”

            I am sure those extremists arrested in two states so far were students of history and Sam Adams quotes.

            First of all, the proposed laws are just that, proposed.

            Second, none of them will prevent you from keeping what you own or buying more to your heart’s content.
            So Sam Adams the orator is as applicable to this situation as Sam Adams the beer.

            Finally, the fact that extremists and other violent outcasts find this rally for Constitutional rights a great opportunity to flex their muscles should trouble the 2nd Amendment crowd. And if not for that reason, as reason will often take a back seat, then for the practical problem of a violent outcome and its effects on the gun lobby’s moral authority.

            That is why Van Cleave has announced in advance “…we have no control…”. Don’t start something you cannot control. A ten year old playing with matches knows better.

            Chicken poop rhetoric with a 9mm male organ in my opinion.

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          7. @ Len

            “Second, none of them will prevent you from keeping what you own or buying more to your heart’s content.”

            Where do you get that idea?

            HB961 would ban nearly all of the firearms I own. HB353 would deny me the use of my shooting range on my own property, and several would deny me the option of passing on our tradition of hunting to my grandchildren by making it unlawful to leave them alone with a firearm until they’re 21.

            Northam has declared war on a way of life older than Virginia.


      2. RE: “I am more worried about Bloomberg paid false flags than antifa.”

        Makes sense to me. Some think the clash between Antifa and the neo Nazis in Charlottesville was itself an elaborately staged false flag. I was thinking of going to Capitol Square on Monday until Antifa confirmed its attendance. The whole thing looks like a set up to me.


          1. Spoken like a true conspiracy perpetrator. You can’t stand being called out for your “theories”. I love it gets you to act like the child you accuse me to be.


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