14 thoughts on “VB attorney proposes arming trained staff members in schools VIRGINIA BEACH by: Jason Marks

    1. Probably because while armed security guards have proven themselves more than willing to go John Rambo on an 11-year-old girl who is sassing them, they shit their pants and hide when there is an actual shooter in the building.

      Also, at least in VB’s case, full day kindergarten might be a higher priority than “lets get more guns in schools.”

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  1. Unfortunately, we are awash with guns and have a culture that admires armament as much as one would hope admires honesty, integrity, ethics, and civic duty.

    Allowing arms in government, business and social facilities may be a necessary evil. Training is key, as well as thorough vetting more rigorous than just a CCP.

    However, we need to craft some kind of immunity for businesses and other private enterprises. Otherwise event, building, and business owners could be on the hook for serious legal liability. Insurance companies could deny coverage to a business that doesn’t provide for the safety of it employees and customers. A shoot out, regardless who started it, could be a huge liability issue that most businesses would prefer to avoid.

    Sad state of affairs that seems to affect us more than many of our friends in the industrial first world.

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  2. How about asking the teachers how they feel about it? My daughter who teaches in a VB high school feels that the resource officers are sufficient… IF they don’t run and hide. Giving guns to the crisis response team, of which she is part, will only exacerbate the crisis.

    And Don, it IS Gun lobby. The children’s lobby wants better schools, better paid teachers and better access to medical care.

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    1. Mass school shootings are thankfully very rare events.

      We can either prepare for them or just accept them as a cost of doing business.

      If we are going to prepare, it has to be with people who are already there. No matter how bravely the police respond, it will be over before they get there.

      We can’t afford a paid security team, and a uniformed resource officer will simply be the first one shot if he is alone.

      So, either we train and arm a school ‘militia’ or just let the shootings happen and mourn afterward.

      The question, quantitatively, comes down to is the risk of a mass shooting greater than the risk if having a number of armed staff on the school grounds.

      Qualitatively, our teachers have the courage to die for their students. The principal at Sandy Hook died charging Adam Lanza empty handed, and that offends me. She had the courage, she should have had the tools.

      Training would be easier then you think, just make it a competition, and the American spirit will give you swat level teams all over the State.


      1. Again, it is the teachers who should be asked for their opinion on this, not some high priced attorney looking for gun lobby money.

        Why did you not address that part of my statement?

        SWAT level teams in schools is NOT conducive to a safe learning environment – IMHO.

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        1. Why? Are teachers somehow experts on tactical defense? While some teachers are veterans and would make excellent team members, most hove no special expertise with firearms or tactics.

          They work in a protected environment subject to none of the competition the real world imposes on everyone else. It is hard to imagine a group, on average, less qualified to make that judgment.

          As for the level of training, I want my grandkids going to the school that hosts the State Champion Tactical Defense Team.


          1. Because outside of the students, teachers are the most effected population in the discussion. Not even taking their concerns into account is unimaginable.

            As far as where your grand kids go, you want them to go to Unicorn High. Something that just doesn’t exist. I would rather mine were part of a championship debate team. At least that is something that exists!


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