15 thoughts on “It can be done. Trump supporters time to man up.

  1. I didn’t know Democrats had such style and could even grow a beard, much less a pair. I guess even Democrats can get it somewhat right.


        1. I have seen the light. But, unlike Trump supporters I have never been bamboozled. I have been far too moderate and accommodating all my life. There was no good reason for Obama to continue the war in Afghanistan. He should have immediately declared victory throughout the region and got us the Hell out of Dodge. More importantly, it was a major failure for Obama to push through the ACA. He could have pushed through Medicare-for-all using about the same amount of political capital. Count me now in the Sanders-Warren-AOC wing of the Democratic Party.

          With that said, manning up is not about policy. It is about the willingness to see naked truth when it is standing in front of you. Trump supporters need to try real hard to understand that Trump is a egregiously unsuitable person to be our President. There is NOTHING remotely Presidential about him.

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