Walter Williams a bit breathless in his screed on anti-white “hatred”.

He cherry picks quotes taken over the last decade to “prove” a new racism.

Many of them go back to the beginnings of the Black Live Matter which was a response to the apparent “Black Lives Don’t Matter” police shootings.

That there are some undercurrents of resentment by minorities today is not totally surprising. 350 years of legal and extra-legal, terror enforced apartheid are not erased in a few decades. Biases exist in justice, medicine, finance and education that still need attention even though there has been a vast improvement since the middle of the last century.

It doesn’t help that some rocks have been turned over exposing White Supremacists and Nationalists to a perceived, if not real, legitimacy by the current administration.

I think Williams’ is just applying a classic “what aboutism” in defense of an elitist, conservative position that racism is an illusion.


16 thoughts on “Walter Williams a bit breathless in his screed on anti-white “hatred”.

  1. I see no “breathlessness” at all in Williams, a black man, pointing out the obvious current state of affairs. A white person can’t make such complaints due to the very reasons pointed out by Williams. The anti-white movement is somehow being justified as pay back for things no white person alive had any part of. How pervasive it is in the general public is questionable but its pervasiveness in liberal politics as a means to create dissension, divisiveness and feelings of entitlement for votes is immense and frankly despicable.


    1. “…somehow being justified as pay back for things no white person alive had any part of.”

      Not really. It is just bringing to light that there is a way to go in racial relations. Nobody is blaming you for anything.

      Race relations have improved immensely since the 1960’s due mostly to the Civil Rights Act, which was way overdue for no other reason than racism.

      Since then, it takes a while for he culture to catch up to such a major change. There is still a lot of bias which has been pretty well documented and verified. But by bringing such to the forefront, it can best be dealt with.

      Williams is just making a mountain out of a series of comments, tweets and other communications that are in his mind “proof” of the hatred of whites by the left.

      And my point is that Williams is full of crap. It makes no difference as to his race, he is just full of elitist, conservative crap.

      IMHO, of course.

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      1. Not really??? Oh BULLSHIT!!! The go to phrase for anything someone doesn’t like about a white person is “Your a racist” and don’t deny it. Your side trying to make phony claims of Trump supporting white supremacists is another glaring example. Williams isn’t full of crap, he is just bringing to light that of which you don’t want to admit, your sides modern pollution of politics with a racist battle flag.


          1. No knee jerk at all. I most cettainly did read it and you portray an unmistakable white guy still needs work blame game. More subtle but unmistakable none the less.


    2. RE: “I see no ‘breathlessness’ at all in Williams”

      Me, neither, but I can understand leftists wanting to distance themselves from Williams’ essentially mundane and commonsensical observation. After all, people of color have begun swelling the ranks of the conservative right. Can’t have that. Hence the new race card.


  2. Still, it’s sad that a competent woman of color is lost from the field because of an inability to meet the “debate criteria” on virtually the same day that an old white billionaire buys his way into the debate by raising $10M from his left pocket.

    Oh well.

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        1. So who are you blaming, whitey, males or heteros? Perhaps she is just out of touch with reality and people know it thus not buying her crap? Legitimate questions.


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