Yet another rabid right-winger conspiracy theory fantasy bites the dust.

Bottom line, Special Agent John Huber is winding down the two year investigation into Hillary Clinton and Clinton Foundation corruption and come up with nothing. This is not a surprise to any thinking person. It was obvious from the get go that this was a real example of a partisan witch hunt and that it would come up with zilch. Trump has been doing what he wrongfully accused Obama of doing – using the law enforcement agencies for partisan purposes.

11 thoughts on “Yet another rabid right-winger conspiracy theory fantasy bites the dust.

  1. Can’t read the article as WaPo has a paywall.Found it at MSN.

    OK, so a review didn’t lead to criminal charges, it was still improper for Clinton to keep public records on a private server under her control, whether it was prosecuteable or not.

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    1. Yeah, but no “lock her up!” As expected. Next, Durham’s report will show nothing at the FBI or Justice Dept to indicate any criminal activity by the leadership during the Russia investigation. The IG already found there was ample evidence to open the investigation. More wasted tax dollars (wasn’t that one of the arguments about the Mueller investigation – $40 million) to prove, in THIS case, nothing to see here.

      Now, is it OK for Mr. Trump to share intelligence information with the Russians, including sources and methods, but won’ tell the “Gang of 8”, at a minimum, concerning the intelligence that led to the drone strike on Solemani and the alleged “imminent threat”? Maybe not prosecutable but definitely improper?

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    2. Puts the Clintons in good standing… right alongside of the Mueller Investigation targets.

      Oh no, wait, apples and oranges. There were violations, convictions and sentences meted out as a result of the Mueller probe, and the Clintons were not subject to the protection of a OLC opinion saving them from criminal indictment for obstruction of justice.

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    3. “Improper?” Okay. Sure.

      But, these “public records” consisted mainly of communications with other people in the government especially her staff and direct reports in the State Department and as such they were already kept on government systems when messages from them were sent to her or received from her. And, of course, we have different idea about what is “proper” with regard to email handling compared to the time in question.

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      1. During my brief time out, I’ll spare a few moments to reply.

        Never mind…nothing I post will change your mind.

        Enjoy your day, sirI


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