33 thoughts on “National Review – Trump’s unhinged rhetoric is not just dangerous in itself, it’s unproductive.

  1. I think the article pretty much sums up the situation and highlights how ignorant our Child in Chief is relative to the ways of the world.

    Our spoiled child king has never had to pay the price of his crude and boorish behaviors. He’s now sending more of our young men and women into harms way to distract and deflect for his own political/personal gain.

    The cowardly GOP in the US Senate needs, for once, to put Country ahead of politics.

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    1. What?! And make Mike Pence the president?? Thank you, no. Trump may actually be less enthusiastic about killing in another crusade.


  2. The op-ed calls it “a justifiable strike against Iran.”

    Let’s wait and see what he does next–including what he says this morning–before we level any more criticisms.


      1. Yeah, if you don’t count off for the whoppers and straight out fictions. In 2016, Iran had ceased pursuit of a nuclear weapon and was adhering to the Agreement, and the $150B was Iran’s money that we had commandeered in 1979 from their escrow payments for US weapons.

        It ain’t over. Now, Iran has more time than we do.

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      2. “solid “A””

        Not for me, given that the up tic in Iran activities began after the trump decision to walk away from the Nuclear deal and blaming Obama was ridiculous.

        And for anyone to think that the aggression will not continue is naive. Still no plan or strategy to deal with the escalation that he created in the first place.

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  3. @Jim
    Uh, no. The main point of the article seemed to me to be that WHATEVER Trump says cannot and will not be trusted. So why reserve judgment. The facts speak for themselves. The current mess with Iran and our falling out with Iraq is entirely the fault of this Russian stooge, criminal and traitor. He demolished hard won progress toward peace with Iran out of nothing but petty spite against President Obama. And, pretty obviously, this is a manufactured crisis that stinks to high heaven of “Wag the Dog.”

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  4. After decades of Presidents whose sole reason for picking a running mate was as protection against impeachment and removal from office, we may actually see that purpose come into play.

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        1. Don’t get me wrong. I had (and still hold) a great deal of respect for John McCain. Seriously considered voting for him in 08. However, the idea that Palin was once heart beat away form the Oval Office scared me a lot more than him being impeached.


  5. Take what you see coming out of Iran with a grain of salt.

    Remember, they have no 2nd Amendment, and unless you are part of the religious militia, you cannot own a gun.

    Just as bad, unemployment is high and the local mullahs control who gets work, if you don’t get out and protest when called to do so, your family won’t eat. The people are under very strict control.

    Northam and Bloomberg would love that kind of power.


      1. Actually it is a pointer to what happens when a country does not have armed citizens, and tells us why the Iranian people don’t have free speech either.

        The question is why you want the US to be more like Iran.


        1. “The question is why you want the US to be more like Iran.” Boy you sure have a way with words. Why do you want the US to go back to the 1800’s? Or better yet, why do you feed into the fear mongering of what MIGHT happen. You try to instill fear that the government is coming for your guns. It is the same horseshit argument every time. You have given no credence at all to anything except your concern that PROPOSED SB 16 will pass muster and become law. It falls outside of constitutionality and won’t make it out of committee, but there you keep going on and on about it. Yet you address none of the other bills that actually DO pass constitutional muster. I contend it is YOU and the VCDL that feeds into the rural-urban divide.

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        2. Free speech is a LOT more important than the 2nd Amendment.

          It is not our right to buy guns that is keeping a close eye on the actions of the government. And not just this regime, either.

          You can have an arsenal, but if you have no idea what the government is doing except by what they tell you, then you are screwed. By the time you find out what is really happening, your guns are useless.

          That is why authoritarians hate free press more than guns. That is why Trump has made it his priority to purposefully confuse his own countrymen with regards to the press so that they won’t know who to believe.

          He bragged about that to Leslie Stahl.

          He is not worried about guns. He is worried about information.

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          1. “Your first amendment rights are protected by my 2nd amendment rights.”
            Wow, an original thought. Did you come up with that yourself or copy it from the NRA website?

            My rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are threatened by unhinged gun owners who scream at the top of their lungs when they think maybe, just maybe, someone with an ounce of common sense wants to do something about the proliferation of gun violence.

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        3. @Tabor

          There are plenty of advanced countries where the citizenry has a small fraction of the weaponry that our citizens carry. And yet, they manage to support and protect basic human rights and civil liberties as well as we do or better. Your constant attempts to find a lack of a Second Amendment as the cause for despotism is always a giant whiff. There are many factors that created the current state of government affairs in Iran and the absence of a Second Amendment is nowhere on the list. Except in your imagination.

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          1. Really? Iran recently killed 1500 of its own people for protesting, care to guess what would happen here if the government murdered 10,000 (proportional to population) Americans for protesting?


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