One good thing about being a self-avowed slug . . .

One good thing about being a slug, as I like to refer to myself of late, is that I don’t have to hear or read anything about the hoople-headed flake squatting in the White House – unless it’s by accident or that I am simply more interested in ANYTHING/ANYONE else. Case in point . . .

Me and the MR. watched football the first weekend, and I thought ‘well, that’s done’ – back to politics, etc., and pulling my hair out. But, guess what, I didn’t go back to ‘politics, etc.’ The latest weekend was even better and crazier than last weekend  . . . there was four pro games (wild cards) we just had to watch, and low and behold – we sat in front of one TV or stood in front of the kitchen TV while cooking meals.

And, if that wasn’t slug-like enough, Sunday night after the Seahawks/Eagles game, instead of heading to bed like THE MR., I moseyed on over to the Golf Channel and watched the end of the live coverage of the Tournament of Champions finishing up in Hawaii. Except that they weren’t ‘finishing up’ after all because it was tied by three players, Thomas, Schauffele and Reed, at the end of 18 holes. Soooo, who’s going to go to bed with THAT drama going on? It’s like I got internally hooked on wild, crazy DRAMA over the past two weekends watching all the ‘flag-throwing’, touchdowns, field goals and celebrations by hulkie guys and cool QBs. (Usually, it’s Mr. Rogers that keeps me up at night if necessary, but I confess, I enjoyed coming out of my chair with both arms straight up over my head.) Anyway, I ending up sitting there till after 11:30 p.m. to see how the golfers’ drama played out, and it WAS JUST AS WILD AS THE ‘WILD CARD’ ballers.

The good news? Justin Thomas won (after futzing around for 3 playoff holes.) And, I won too. How, you might ask; well. I didn’t hear the Koo-Koo-Bell in the Oval Office a single time on TV during either weekend, that I can recall. I think I got this SLUG-thing down to an art and it just might keep me sane until K-K-B is out of the White House. One last thing – THE MR. and I got our exercise yesterday by getting out of the house and playing 18 holes. Too much fun. And, so looking forward for my women’s’org. to start up in March, even with the wackiness of the new World Handicap System roll-out, which will effect how our org. keeps our handicaps. Should be interesting. But, holy-moly, Is LIFE GOOD, or what!? GOOD, I say.

14 thoughts on “One good thing about being a self-avowed slug . . .

  1. I am so glad to know I wasn’t alone watching the golf playoff.

    As for the football, I made the mistake of switching over to a certain cable network during a commercial. My son, who is also a BIG Mr. Rogers fan, yelled to my wife, “MA! Dad switched over to (insert network here). Can I kill him?” I immediately hit the LAST button on the remote to enjoy whatever commercial was playing as opposed to ducking flying beer bottles about to be chucked at my head.

    It was a relief to avoid the noise from the Oval Office to a a point. And it all started with a Reiki healing circle on Friday night. Now if I can just get the bursitis in my elbow to calm down, I just might get out to the course…or range…or Top Golf. Newer clubs and I’ve still only used them three or four times.


    1. I grew up in an “Old. Country” home. We always sat down for dinner together. No TV. Just polite conversation in Swedish, my native language.

      Then my father discovered golf. I called him the most avid, bad golfer I knew.

      Saturday and Sundays we moved the little dinette set into the living room to watch Jack, Julius, Arnie and a slew of others play while the announcers whispered comments and putts bounced around on rough greens (by today’s standards) in all their B&W glory.

      Unheard of informality, but a lot of fun.

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  2. That was quite the finish in Hawaii. JT tried really hard to toss it away, but Reed and Schauffle just wouldn’t let him. Yeah, I stayed up way past my bedtime to watch that.

    I’m not a fan of Reed. Few are except his closest relatives, I would guess. Yet, I think he is getting a bit of a raw deal for that sand infraction in the Bahamas. Now he is going to have to remake his personality to ingratiate himself with the fans and that is going to take a lot of work. Remember Garcia and the “re-grip/re-grip/re-grip ad nauseum quirk a decade or so ago? It took a long time for the fans to let it go. (Of course, now he’s throwing clubs…sigh.)

    Still, Reed is good at golf. Probably one of he best short games around. Considering he missed more greens than he hit and still made the playoff is pretty amazing.

    We’ll see. Not every sports phenom is sweet. It took Tiger a failed marriage, a crashed car, half dozen operations on back and knees and an arrest with a charming mugshot, and a personality makeover to finally become a fan favorite. And he most certainly is now.

    I’ll be back on the course this summer after getting my new hip. Can’t wait.

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    1. Regarding Sergio . . . you forgot beating up the hallowed greens. What golfer in his right mind does that? In all serious faux pas you have to come out with a sincere apology
      As for Tiger, I think that first press conference where people came into the room, including his mother, was what gave TW a reasonable chance to get through his fiascos. Any arrogance was gone and he was clear about his wrong doings. He stood in front, alone, and accepted the pain he had forced on so many people. That was brutal, but he gave a full-throated, shame-filled apology. As I’ve said many times, an unequivocal, honest apology goes a long way if you stick to the corrections you PROMISED to make. Tiger did that. I think Reed can get past this if he will accept that he deserved the penalties. If he can’t drop the arrogance, the idiot hecklers will continue acting stupid. JMHO.

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    1. It’s a thrill a minute. Or several minutes. Or, ok, every so often.

      At least the course turns left and right, back and forth and through varied terrain. NASCAR is “left turn, left turn, left turn…change tires…left turn, left turn…

      But, yeah, unless you are a golfer the excitement can elude you.

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  3. What can I say; we also put on heat-holding silk or wool long underwear that lets us play in 40 degree weather. You don’t have to be particularly smart to be a golfer; I thought we’d long ago established that. Ha

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    1. As a recovering golfer 50 degrees is now my limit.

      Although I will confess to playing, once upon a time, in temperatures in the high teens on frozen greens…

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      1. Frozen greens! Watching your perfect wedge shot bounce across and into some rough, sand or water.

        Hopes dashed but spirits prevail. Up to a point.

        Sometimes we called a LOIBIP. Loss Of Interest Ball In Pocket.

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      2. Thanksgiving 1991, Upstate NY. My dad, his father-in-law, his brother-in-law, nephew (former PGA Tour player and 2 time winner on the tour), best friend and myself, bundled up and played 18 at the local course. 40 degrees, light wind, bright blue sky. It was the one and only time I wore jeans on a golf course (Didn’t pack clubs or golf clothes. It was November in upstate NY in November for cryin’ out loud!) And no liquid warming material. Great time!
        Thanksgiving 1998, Phoenix. Played The Biltmore with Dad, strep-mom and her folks. It was colder in Phoenix that day then in NY 7 years earlier. NAd the wind, OMG! But still a great time.


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