Does God really pick sides?

“I do really believe we have God on our side,” Trump said of his first presidential campaign. “Or there would have been no way we could have won.”

During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was purportedly asked if God was on his side. “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side,” said the President, “my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.”

It seems more than megalomaniacal to assert divine purpose for one’s own political victory. Yet there are plenty of religious powerbrokers who have expressed just such a sentiment. Do they have a direct line to the Almighty?

“Blessed are the meek (humble) for they shall inherit the earth.” J. Christ

I think Lincoln had it right. God doesn’t pick sides.

We do.

24 thoughts on “Does God really pick sides?

  1. To the extent you imagine your own question to be a serious one, you must confront the fact that many Bible stories clearly describe God as picking sides. Whether you believe in God or not, this one reality answers the question in a useful way.


    1. Sad isn’t it?

      Al Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS all believe God is on their side too.

      Along with just about all religiously inspired atrocities, wars and persecutions in history.

      Whether or not leaders who say that they are on God’s side actually believe it is moot. So long as they can convince the people that such is the case they will have an unquestioned following of committed supporters.

      Lincoln and Nancy-Naive make the point that God is always right by definition.

      What is not always right, or ever right for a cynic, is what people think God wants them to do in his name. After all ISIS and Trump can’t both be right about their partnership with God.

      Or can they?

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    2. RE: “Sad isn’t it?”

      Even sadder is the case of someone who believes the physical laws of nature — gravity, for example — are subject to interpretation.


      1. I am not sure what you mean as a reply.

        Gravity itself is not subject to interpretation.

        How it actually works has been, however.

        Sort of like evolution. That has been proven. Theories “evolve” as to how it actually works.

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      2. RE: “I am not sure what you mean as a reply.”

        Since you ask: Your comments make a distinction between correct and incorrect concepts of God, and you claim to be on the side of correctness when you say “God doesn’t pick sides.”

        It might occur to you that your claim is not based on any source material, not even the traditional sources in your own culture. In other words, your assertions are based on nothing, just like the ones you mock.


        1. You seem to be too quick to defend, especially when I don’t know the mind of God, or ever pretended to.

          My assertion that God doesn’t pick sides, is not mine alone. And, more importantly, it is just a rebuttal to the equally nebulous “God is on our side”.

          That God doesn’t pick sides is my belief, and I think you will find few instances in history where such a claim was used specifically to encourage the path to power, conflict or war.

          How can my claim be based on sources, other than God itself? And that would assume that he told me over a cup of coffee. And for that reason, I will assert that my belief is as valid, if not more so, than any assertion that God is on a specific side.

          So that brings me to my main concern, and that religion is being used for political purposes and to consolidate power for those who follow such assertions. Which then, as night follows day, why do we allow special subsidies to those who aspire to political power over others just because they invoke a partnership with deity?

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  2. By definition, God is right, among all of the other “omni” things that you believe God is. If God were not on your side, or even just ambivalent to your cause, why would you fight?
    Should by some quirk, your God is capable of error, why is he your God? Pick one who isn’t prone to stupidity and let him be on your side.

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    1. RE: “If God were not on your side, or even just ambivalent to your cause, why would you fight?”

      People make mistakes. When they err due to pride, the result is tragedy.


      1. “People make mistakes”. JTR

        “ What is not always right, or ever right for a cynic, is what people think God wants them to do in his name.” LR

        “When they err due to pride, the result is tragedy. JTR

        “ It seems more than megalomaniacal to assert divine purpose for one’s own political victory.” LR

        It seems we are on the same page.

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      2. We’re not talking about people. We’re talking about God. How can people make a mistake if God is on their side? How can they fail? Does God let mistakes and failures happen even to his own detriment? Geez, then what good is he? Better you should pick another God. It’s easy. Your choices are limitless, and you’re unlikely to hit the right one anyway.

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      1. Financial institutions, GPS, water distribution, food distribution, mass transit…the list of cyber dependent operations in a modern society is ripe for damage.

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  3. That God does not takes sides is one of the better arguments for his non-existence.

    Great evil on a mass basis recurrently takes place. God could stop it but does not.

    So, either an incredibly cruel God allows these horrors to take place or he isn’t there.

    Neither makes me want to go to church.

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    1. I tend to agree, with a caveat. The assumption is that God will intervene because of the evil being perpetrated.

      Is there any reason He should? If you carry that further, why do we have malaria? That kills millions each year, most of them children.

      I am in your court. I think that one’s concept of God, or any deity, is for personal peace, a way to handle the vast arrays of difficulties and inequities in life, and, along the lines of organized religion, a communal path to behavior that is generally acceptable to order. Examples are don’t murder, steal, etc. It also provides a philosophical path to understanding our purpose and existence beyond just the science of cellular structures and sensate beings driven by food and reproduction.

      Beyond that, we start delving into power seeking through the sale of the metaphysical.

      In other words, religion may be the problem, not God.

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  4. Why do the people who least believe in God (left wing) try to debate any issue from an authoritatve religious standpoint as if they do? I leave anything open to possibility but don’t practice religion nor attempt to cherry pick bible quotes to make a point. I know very intelligent people who firmly believe and say god was on their side for various events and I am not going to challenge that to debate it. A smile works much better. Let it go.


    1. Let it go.

      A good idea.

      Perhaps the mega church power brokers who fly around in private jets and limousines could start to pay their own way and not depend on subsidies from local, state and federal governments. After all they are campaigning politically and selling products like any other business. Render unto Caesar and all that.

      They should let it go, too.

      Sounds like a deal to me.

      PS: the left, in my experience, are the ones who most adhere to Jesus’ teachings. I guess your neighborhood is different.

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    2. …”people who least believe in God (left wing)”… Why would you assume that those on the left least believe in G-d? That is a pretty unfair generalization of those who don’t agree with you politically. You and I disagree vehemently on many things, but I believe in G-d, attend synagogue (and church) and pray to Him for things like wisdom and strength when dealing with difficult times or people. Your statement seems very unfair and based strictly on political belief and not religious.

      …”cherry pick bible quotes to make a point.” This more of a practice of those on the right who pick the 5 or 6 verses in the Bible about (possibly) abortion instead of the over 2,000 verses that speak to taking care of the poor, the downtrodden and the “other”.

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