Northam’s Vietnam

Forward into the quagmire

27 thoughts on “Northam’s Vietnam

  1. If the courts decide that whatever the GA passes is Constitutional it will be enforced.

    The National Review can bloviate all it wishes to about what a HUGE mistake the Dems are making, but we are governed by the rule of law. There are more than a few laws I believe violate my rights and I’m free to break if I wish to spend time in jail.

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    1. What do you think will happen when a jury trial for possessing or selling an AR takes place in any of the sanctuary counties? I know a lawyer cannot argue jury nullification, but do you think we’ll have any trouble getting the word out as we did for the Sanctuary resolutions?

      The best Herring could hope for is an endless series of hung juries, except for in those urban counties who supported this mess.


  2. Pretty silly article. If we are going to base arguments on fantasies instead of evidence it is not hard to concoct a counter-example to the helpless little girl defending her virginity with Daddy’s arsenal. For example, one of the proposed laws is to limit sales of guns to one per month. Imagine the legal jeopardy of a defiant gun dealer who sells ten to a guy who turns out to be a biker gang leader and those ten guns are used to take that poor family hostage leading to the rape and murder of that helpless little girl, her mother, her sister, her two brothers and her little dog too. That gun dealer gonna get a pass?

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      1. @Tabor
        Sure, straw purchases are illegal but it IS legal for a gun dealer to sell any number of guns to one person at one time. See the difference. In a straw purchase it is the buyer who is the criminal. After the one-gun-a-month law is restored it will be the dealer who is the criminal. And MUCH easier to catch and prosecute. Not hard to understand if you want to.

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        1. One gun a month has a disparate impact on honest people.

          If my firearms were stolen or destroyed in a fire, with one-gun-a-month it would take over a year to replace them. Plus, it interferes with Christmas shopping.


          1. Aside from which, I don’t think that’s how it works.

            If a person, under OGPM buys 10 handguns at 10 different dealers, how are the dealers the criminals?


  3. “First of all, the Second Amendment–sanctuary movement is morally just, unlike the Massive Resistance movement of the late ’50s and early ’60s.”

    …the same Massive Resistance movement that the National Review was fully in favor of.

    Just say you like your guns and you have a constitutional right to them. Don’t try to act like you have the moral high ground, when your publication of, by, and for Ivy League blue bloods has never been on the right side of anything.

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      1. Here’s one.

        “the central question that emerges… is whether the White community in the South is entitled to take such measures as are necessary to prevail, politically and culturally, in areas where it does not predominate numerically? The sobering answer is Yes – the White community is so entitled because, for the time being, it is the advanced race.”

        Buckley, W., F. (1957). Why the south must prevail. National Review, 4, 148–49.

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  4. Quagmire? Vietnam? No, no. And no, we didn’t lose in Vietnam either.

    We rampaged about the peninsula (Cambodia, and Thailand too) by land and air for 10 years, mining harbors, sinking shipping, bombing cities, burning villages, denuding jungles, destroying crops and fields. We dumped more munitions in that place than we did in all of WWII, including the nukes.

    We killed 600,000 NVA, god only knows how many irregulars, and the lion’s share of 1.6 million women, children, and old men, since if we killed a militia-aged male, he was automatically part of the meticulously maintained combatant body count. And we lost a paltry 60,000. Two years of drunk drivers.

    Good God, we didn’t lose. We just sickened of the carnage. I’m sure even a serial killer has vomited.

    But, I digress. This will not hurt Northam. Geez, it’s not like he used a racial slur or did something like, I dunno, like blackface for Halloween,.

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  5. More fear mongering form the right about what MIGHT happen. Any laws that are passed will be tested for Constitutionality, prior to passage, I would hope. It is the same campaign waged by the NRA when Clinton and Obama were elected. “The Dems are coming for your guns!” Funny how it never really materialized to that extent.

    Let the legislative process play out. I am hoping there is more transparency and openness under this Democratic than there was under GOP control. Let people attend meetings. Let the voices of ALL be heard fairly. Let ALL votes in committee be made public. This is how it is supposed to be in a representative democracy.


      1. What did I say in my post about majority rule? Not one damned word. I said let the process play out, including judicial review. If the laws pass muster through the courts, then it is what it is.


          1. Because they support YOUR principles. If your principles were different you would feel otherwise.

            And Shapiro works for the CATO Institute. It is no wonder he holds this opinion or that you agree with it 100%.

            Even Chief Justice Roberts had to remind Trump AND everyone else, that there is no such thing as Obama judges or Trump judges. ALL judges are expected to render fair decisions. Just because you disagree does not mean they are not principled.


          2. According to the piece, that is true on the Supreme Court. That does NOT indicate a lack of principles, just a different set. And one that I believe is more in keeping with what our Founders had in mind.


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