More Democrat Urban Domination under way

VA Democrats to override single famly zoning

They just can’t help themselves, as soon as they get a taste of power, their inner tyrants come out.

36 thoughts on “More Democrat Urban Domination under way

  1. RE: “as soon as they get a taste of power, their inner tyrants come out”

    That’s one way to look at it Another is: Our elites are setting up a money-maker to enrich themselves at our expense.


    1. I prefer restrictive covenants to zoning, but zoning is what we have.

      Or would you prefer allowing someone to build a chicken dressing plant next door to your home and destroy your property values?


      1. I don’t have problem with restrictive covenants. Since I have the choice to never go there, I guess, I’ll take my chances with the chicken processing plant…

        Zoning is necessary, but WAY out of control.


  2. Your comment indicates that only Democrats are guilty. The same could be said of the tyrannical moves to take away health care from millions or removing a woman’s right to choose. It is NOT a one way street, dear Doctor. Tosay say is 1)inaccurate and, 2) disingenuous. But your comment is par for the course from you.


  3. The Daily Caller? Do you subscribe or just search out when desperate to find something to attack instead of looking for ways to bridge the divide in the country?

    And wouldn’t the proposals bring the market to decide what is best? Seems an argument AGAINST market based solutions, which you seem to always argue for. Do you see the hypocrisy? Or is it the closet racism because of WHO made the proposals? It is a question, not an accusation.


    1. Restrictive covenants attached to the deed are a better way to protect neighborhoods, but zoning is what we have here.

      For most people, the equity in their home is their primary store of wealth, and this proposal could wipe out that equity.


      1. And that is about as market based as you can get. It is more about fear of the other. Yes, keeping industrial sites away from residential sites is a good thing. But restricting housing because of WHO might live there is not.

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  4. This is another example of Democrats playing race wars and further dividing the nation on a non-existant racial issue. I live in a neighborhood of $400k+ homes and it is pretty evenly divided in race. Everyone, including minority residents do not want duplexes popping up in our neighborhood which would destroy our property values to please some SJW liberal ass trying to “jam it to the rich” for votes.


    1. How exactly would well-built duplexes destroy your property values? It is you who is hiding behind the allegations of race. Itis you who is not doing anything to reach across and bridge the divide. NIMBY is your battle cry.

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      1. Ask a realtor, how rental units affect property values.

        For start, there’s density, and number of cars using the street, and duplexes rarely have the footprint for off street parking,


        1. Just out of curiosity, are you aware how the position you are taking vis a vis zoning is a defense of the heavy hand of government shaping the free market? According to you, the free market knows best how to allocate medical care but needs the government to control housing? So what is the guiding principle about the appropriate role of government in regulating markets?

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          1. The free market solution to protecting property values from incompatible use is restrictive covenants attached to the deed.

            When you buy the property covered by covenants, you are contracting to maintain the character of the neighborhood to the mutual benefit of all.

            I would prefer to rely on restrictive covenants but it is hard to retroactively add them when zoning is already in place.


      2. It is you who is being ridiculous and racist. Don’t make it too obvious how clueless you are about property value and the detriments of density while attempting to satisfy your warped SJW crusade. Oops, too late. My black neighbors will tell you to stuff it too.


        1. How am I being racist exactly? Please enlighten me so I can throw the BS flag on your opinion. I lived in a townhouse neighborhood that had several rental AND Section 8 housing units within it. I sold the property in 2002 because it was too small for my family. I sold it for $106,000 (market value at the time) and the family that bought it sold it 18 months later for $185,000. So you and your black neighbors (who I am SURE all all your Best Friends), can stuff that.

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          1. My black neighbor, prior to our move to the compound a year ago, would have been just as horrified by the prospect of my old house being divided up for a duplex as I would if the same had been done for his.

            Townhouses are already high density, single family subdivisions do not have the off street parking necessary for higher density. Converting all those well kept front yards into parking spaces would definitely destroy property values.

            And while we got along well, no, my black neighbor was not my best friend. I am 35 years older than him, and that is a far greater divide than race. His children(among the most well behaved and respectful children I have known) were the age of my grandchildren.

            But property values trump race every time. He couldn’t afford to lose his equity any more than I could have.


          2. My comment was directed to Mr. Smith, but since you decided to sound off:

            Dividing an existing residence to a duplex is not the same as the zoning issues in question. What is wrong with including duplexes in a single family neighborhood? My current neighborhood has BOTH, single family and duplexes. The value of my house has risen consistently over the past several years. Even after the 2008 bubble, the property value of my house was still over $100,000 of what I paid for it in 2002. And now today, it is almost DOUBLE.

            The argument being made against the zoning issues are muted by the actual on-the-ground facts. Affordable housing is supposed to be affordable for ALL. Just because the proposal was made by a black representative, the race issue is even being raised.


          3. No. Mr. Smith raised the race issue. Please go back to teh beginning of this particular part of the thread.

            “This is another example of Democrats playing race wars”… His words, not mine.

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  5. Why you can’t trust Susan Collins… These are the people who vote for her…

    Bert, Bertha, and I set out from Boothbay Harbor for a picnic, and to harvest our pots.

    Whist we was a raising the pots, a terrible storm came up, Bertha became ensnared in a line, and before you could say, “Tiddlywinks,” over the side she went. We searched for hours to no avail.

    It was a terrible blow to Bert to lose his beloved Bertha, and so two weeks later, we ventured out to lay a wreath and harvest our pots again.

    Whilst bringing in a pot where Bertha was lost, up she pops with half dozen 2lb’ers hanging on.

    “Bert, should we call the Coasties?,” I asks.

    “Not ’til we pegs these and reset her.”

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      1. Was fairly certain this thread had ended, so just tying knot on the bitter end to keep it from ‘fraying.

        BTW, there’s a ton of “Bert & I” for listening out there, apparently there’s some value to YouTube after all.

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  6. For those that apparently think they can deny their overt racial nature, Adam, proponents of the bill claim suburbs not allowing multi-family residences is racist and I merely pointed out that phony race baiting charge. To accuse me of hiding behind race to play NIMBY is in fact racist itself. To use housing bubble property sales of townhouses to try to make a point of good investment is laughable as it ignores basic economics, after bubble decline of a vast majority of property and the creation of a new baseline of what the market will bear for the cheapest property (might be known by some as gouging first time buyers??). Lastly, my black neighbors and I talk about these kinds of things quite often as they, not me, own rental property. Just because we talk doesn’t mean I claim them as my best friend and to insinuate I falsely make that claim is in fact racist. Democrats falsely use race for just about every argument to play on the weak of mind, divide the nation and gain power which is the gist of this ignorant bill.


    1. So you can’t be a racist because you talk to black people? Red herring.

      You are the one who claimed race baiting as a tactic. I think it is bullshit, but you are entitled to your opinion. Screaming repeatedly “I am not a racist, you are!” is a sign of someone who IS a racist but is afraid to admit it..

      And I did not buy my townhouse after the bubble burst. In fact the bubble didn’t occur until I purchased the house I currently live in. And while the value dropped, I was NEVER upside down on my mortgage. And the townhouse I sold, was resold in 2003. All pre-bubble transactions. Nice try at obscuring the facts. Truly Trumpian tactic.


      1. The sheer ignorance you continually spout off is the reason I stopped responding to you before. Expect the same now. Talk about bullshit, I am peeing my pants right now due to your nonsense. Bye race baiter. Arf arf


      2. Oh forgot. Reading is fundamental. Apparently you never mastered third grade level. Try reading my post again to see if you get it right the second time.


        1. The entire reason this thread even started was because a BLACK member of the GA proposed zoning changes to allow for more affordable housing. Your insults notwithstanding, you try to hide your obvious racism by accusing me of race baiting. You may be hearing dog whistles, but I contend that you have racist tendencies that you are hiding from yourself but that your words betray. Stop commenting all you want. Personally could care less about you, but I will stand up and say something when I see the racist or bigoted tones used by others. Especially those who try to deny their true feelings.
          Happy Chanukah!


          1. Actually, when I opened this thread, the race of the GA member was unknown to me. The name sounded middle eastern but again, it could have been Smith for all I care.

            What aggravated me was the arrogance and presumption of the Democrat seeking to dictate entirely local matters from Richmond. They always know what’s best for us simple country folk, that’s why the cities are so clean, safe and peaceful.


          2. I doubt that. You know exactly who the member is and now you are in denial.

            As far as you only blaming democrats for what republicans alsos do is hypocrisy in its highest form. Plus, VA is a Dillon Rule state (stupid, but it is) and therefore, the localities have little say without the ok from Richmond.


        2. And I am sorry to say, that even after reading your post for the third time, all I see is “they keep doing it”. Well, maybe it is you who should try reading with an open mind, as yours is closed off to what is possible and are more interested in driving wedges than building bridges.


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