4 thoughts on “The End is Nigh?

  1. When you start losing the evangelical press, you have to wonder what will happen first. Subscriptions cancelled or eyes opened wide. My guess is Christianity Today is going to be out of business in 2-3 months.

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    1. The cynic in me says that with two right wing ideologs on the Court, some Christian leaders can afford to be, dare we say, Christian.

      We’ve had more than a few that say Trump was God’s choice. One Congressman compared the inquiry to Jesus’ trial. Hard to make this stuff up.

      My Scandinavian ancestors had a clearer vision of morality, deity and heaven than some of today’s religious leaders. The gods were fallible, if not necessarily lovable. Valhalla was a sybaritic Disneyland of earthly pleasures attainable only by death in battle or ritual suicide off of a fjord’s cliff. But it had a limit of 1000 years. Concern for overcrowding and the liver, I suppose.

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