6 thoughts on “ZeroHedge: NY State Judge Dismisses Manafort Case, Paving Way For Pardon

  1. The article states (paraphrased) that a presidential pardon is possible. IT was ALWAYS possible. Rightly or wrongly (double jeopardy issue is a problem for the NY AG), the NY prosecutors wanted to keep Manafort in prison, even if pardoned. Unless the NY AG can prove other crimes that do not overlap the federal charges, he won’t face that situation. I don’t think they can, but they will probably try.

    Also, a commutation of sentence for health is reasonable, even for him.

    As far as Ukrainian corruption goes, I hope Manafort brings the little black ledger that shows his complicity in it. But seeing as nothing has come out about corruption by Joe Biden


    1. I’m not sure Manafort deserves a pardon, but a commutation of his sentence would be in order.

      I remember at the time of his conviction, one of the jurors said she felt bad about voting to convict because this was something that should have been handled with a tax audit. That doesn’t mean he didn’t commit a crime, but he was certainly given harsher treatment in an attempt to wring unfavorable testimony about Trump.

      So, while a pardon might be inappropriate, he shouldn’t be in prison for working for Trump’s campaign.


      1. You mean he shouldn’t be ALONE in prison for working on Trump’s campaign.

        And keep in mind he DID plead guilty for not registering as a foreign agent. That has nothing to do with his tax crimes.


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