Impeachment Day

Today, finally, Donald Trump will be impeached. Never was such shame more thoroughly deserved. Mr. Trump is an absolute disgrace in every possible way. He has lived a life of corruption, deceit, sybaritic self-indulgence and debauchery. He has broken every trust. He has betrayed promises made to each of his wives, his mistresses, his contractors, his investors, his lenders, his subordinates, even the charities he founded and the students who idolized him – everyone. As President he has brought an unprecedented level of mendacity, banality, divisiveness, criminality and corruption to our most sacred office. He is a weak man’s idea of a strong man. He is a stupid man’s idea of a smart man. He is a traitor’s idea of a patriot. He is an embarrassment and a danger to us all. It is time for him to go.

To each of you who continue to support him and spread his lies . . . “You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

17 thoughts on “Impeachment Day

  1. In answer to the decency question, I would postulate the answer to be something along the lines of, “No, as I do not wish to offend Mr. Trump, thereby causing me to get primaried the next time around. I have no decency or principles left. And my backbone was removed on Jan 21, 2017.” IMHO

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  2. “ a stupid man’s idea of a smart man” Too true…

    His letter to Pelosi (broke out laughing 4 times) was something a butt hurt teen may have penned.

    That this embarrassment continues to serve as President is a direct reflection on the sycophant GOP. Good for the patriots who will vote to impeach knowing the Senate will betray their oaths and their Country and let him remain.

    Our Republic is under attack.

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    1. I agree with your points and sentiments. My biggest concern is what this will do to the Democrats in 2020. I know it is 11 months out and no candidate has been selected yet, so speculation is just that, speculation.

      The pragmatist in me has often said that we must “keep our eyes on the prize”. That being all of Congress and the Presidency.

      The Senate is a long shot, but the House and the White House were attainable. However, all of Trump’s actions since the phone call, or even a few months before, have really seemed designed to force impeachment. And that impeachment was a campaign tactic. His outrageous statements and actions couldn’t be ignored. He finally did fire the Fifth Avenue shot and “Russian judge”, Mitch, was bought.

      (In case someone takes issue with my seeming connection of McConnell to Putin, the sentence was a play on
      Olympic judging when the communist judges were for sale.)

      I trust a Pelosi. Her credentials as a political leader in stormy waters are pretty good. In retrospect, however, we are dealing with a man who could have kicked Melania down the escalator at his building announcing his candidacy, and still gotten the nomination.


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  3. Hey, let’s be honest with ourselves about Trump.
    He really doesn’t care if he is impeached because it might smear his image as a politician and a leader, or even lead to a, albeit low probability, premature exit from office. He only cares about the impeachment because it will cheapen Trump as a brand and affect his future income.

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  4. I know this changes nothing in the eyes of regime supporters, but a fact check of the letter sent to Pelosi is vintage Trump: packed with lies, misleading statements and gross exaggerations.

    What is incredible is that he spent a week putting all this together. A reasonable person would think that getting the facts straight would be easy and important.

    Of course we know that all this is meaningless. The fix is in at the Senate. Moscow Mitch and his toadies have been schmoozing at the White House. The most pressing concern will be to add a modicum of appearing to care about America. At the same time as setting a dangerous precedent for this and future presidential powers.


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    1. Made myself watch the reaction to the letter on FOX and it was a if they couldn’t read. It continues to amaze me how FOX is able to spin obvious fairy tales and have them be accepted by the low knowledge weak minded cult. SMH.

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      1. We are in the midst of a populist, nationalist movement. In and of itself, that is not particularly good in a country as diverse as ours. The growing anti-Semitism is one particularly ugly symptom.

        I think the only thing holding this in check is the economy. So long as it continues on the same straight line stared in 2010, or at least appears to, the populist approach will hold at Trump’s base.

        Two problems, however:

        First, the sugar high of the tax cuts has dissipated. Business investments did not surge as predicted. Stock buy backs were the favored means of using the new found money. Wages have gone up a bit, but are still effectively stagnant since at least the nineties. Growth is at 2%, possibly less. Not nearly enough to cover the second problem.

        The annual deficit and resulting debt. If we do run into an economic downturn, we have little wiggle room in interest rate cuts and certainly we will add to the debt big time.

        So, to me at least, it is critical for the Democrats to get their act together. Campaign on healthcare, infrastructure and education. Climate issues are important, but they don’t win elections. Too long term. People know what it costs to get prescriptions filled. And they drive to the drugstore on horrible roads while trying to pay down huge school loans.

        Emphasize the problems with Trumpcare (he owns it now with all the changes). Call the roads Trumpbumps and traffic Trumpjams. Trump U has its own delightful legacy. Whatever it takes to make sure the regime owns the problems it promised to fix and hasn’t. ASAP.


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        1. You must be talking about all of the problems the Democrats in Congress are doing nothing about because they have been so “laser focused” on impeachment.

          But it is so interesting that the bills that have been passed by the House and gone to the Senate all disappeared into the deepest desk drawer on the planet in Magic Mitch McConnell’s desk and apparently, in the minds of the Trumpkins, who used to be in the GOP, never even existed.

          Trump and the GOP own the issues of infrastructure, current health care, prescription drug pricing (which I believe the House Majority recently passed on to the Senate….oops. There it went.), among other issues. The claim to fame will be the tax cut, which you pointed out the shine has worn off of, and the updated NAFTA. (Can’t bring myself to call it MCA Trade Agreement, it is a modified NAFTA). While the House Majority has been working on the real dinner table issues affecting this country.

          You see, it is my opinion that the Democrats can walk and chew gum at the same time. The GOP can’t chew the gum and walk because they are so far up Trump’s “239 pound” backside.

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  5. This is an impeachment resting entirely on the testimony of amateur mind readers.

    What can be proven is that, whatever else the Russians did, Ukrainian interests DID try to influence the 2016 election. The OpEd bhy the Ukrainian Ambassador is public record.

    That is real, you can read it for yourself, no need to read minds or infer meaning.

    If you want to infer something, start with connecting Hunter Biden getting an $83K/mo job while his father had control of US aid the Ukraine and Joe Biden arranging for the firing of a Prosecutor at a time when the company paying his son for that no-show job was a target for his office.

    There you can add 2 + 2


    1. @Tabor

      That Ukraine OpEd opposing the election of a known Russian toady by an ambassador from a country at war with Russia was in no way comparable to the illegal and clandestine machinations of the Russians on Trump’s behalf. Pretending that it is somehow comparable is not intellectually honest. No surprise there.

      Your “analysis” starting with “If you want to infer” is based on a pack of known lies. No surprise there either.

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      1. So, attempts by foreign powers to influence the election are OK if they are on your side.

        If you can’t infer that something is wrong with the son of the sitting VP, who has been given authority by the President to manage aid to Ukraine, getting an $83K/mo no-show job from a known corrupt oligarch seeking protection from prosecution by the Ukraine government, don’t worry, because you’re the only person in the country who can’t.


        1. @Tabor
          Any rational person will agree that Hunter Biden – along with the former President of Poland – was probably added to the Burisma Board because of his name and his family’s prominence and not because of his management bona fides. That is the way of the world. It is a very common practice to put such people on Boards in order to enhance the image of the company. It is one of the many ways that capitalism needs reform, but beyond that there is no evidence whatsoever of corrupt behavior by either Hunter Biden or his father. You know that as well as I do, but that does not stop you from parroting this dishonest smear. While hypocritically ignoring countless examples of Trump’s children being similarly favored.

          As for the Ukraine not Russia interfered in our election horseshit – Legal attempts by foreign actors to influence our politics by expressing their opinions in public forums are NOT the problem and you know it.

          None of this is surprising given the way you people trade in “alternative facts.” What makes you worse than most of your Trumpish fellow travelers is that you know what you are saying is intellectually dishonest sophistry but you do it anyway. Most of the others really are just as stupid as you pretend to be. Being stupid is something that you cannot control. Being dishonest is.


          1. No one said “Ukraine not Russia” tried to influence the election. Both happened. The difference is that there is evidence of collusion between the DNC and Ukrainian oligarchs through Alexandra Chalupa, which is why Schiff dared not let her testify, as that would have shown Trump did have probably cause for an investigation by Ukraine, or with their assistance.

            The evidence against Biden is in the public record. Joe had control of aid to the Ukraine and disposed of a prosecutor hostile to the company paying Hunter.

            That’s motive, means, opportunity AND an overt act, right there in the public eye.


          2. “No one said “Ukraine not Russia” tried to influence the election.”

            Except Donald Trump.

            As for this Chalupa nonsense, let’s have a real trial in the Senate. As the Constitution demands. The Prosecutors can call Pompeo, Giuliani, Mulvaney, Miller, etc. and put them under oath to tell what they know and the Defense can call whomever they want including Chalupa. If there were ANY truth to this conspiracy yarn, the GOP would jump on the opportunity to do this. They almost certainly will not hold a real trial.

            Again and again you repeat a dishonest and disproved “alternative fact” narrative as to why Shokin was removed.



            Being stupid is something that you cannot control. Being dishonest is.


  6. I’m glad all the hard core left wing extremist gathered here to bellow nonsense and pat each other on the back just like the pompous House Democrats. It’s all a political sham with preknown outcomes of House impeachment and Senate acquital. The only unknown is how badly liberals will be punished for their short sighted attempt at using impeachment to influence the 2020 of power. From the looks of it, it’s not looking good for Dems so they are hoping people will just forget by election day. Not a chance!!!


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