Epoch Times: William Barr Has Suddenly Become Chatty—and He’s Provided Quite an Information Dump


Sharyl Attkisson, an investigative journalist the Obama administration allegedly spied on, provides an informative catalog of 24 things Attorney General Barr has said in public since the IG’s FISA report came out. Reading through them, I find the conspiracy theory that Barr is Trump’s lapdog ironically reassuring.

9 thoughts on “Epoch Times: William Barr Has Suddenly Become Chatty—and He’s Provided Quite an Information Dump

  1. “ But by that time, May 2016, there was already rampant speculation online and in political circles that the Russians had hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails in 2014 and that they might surface.“

    I believe the hack was in 2015, but not nailed to be Russian government agencies until April or May of 2016.

    That is about the time that Papadopoulos got on the radar. So I’m not sure how common the knowledge was.

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    1. There was online speculation that Russia and every other foreign intelligence agency in the world had Hillary’s emails from the moment it was reported she used a private server for State Dept business, including in the Pilot’s forum.


      1. No doubt, but that had absolutely nothing to do with hacking the DNC server and using them to destroy the Clinton campaign.

        Your example was just speculation to blame Clinton for using a private server.

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        1. What does the alleged hack of the DNC server have to do with Papadopoulos commenting in a bar about Hillary’s server being penetrated by the Russians?

          The claim was that he had to have some inside campaign prior knowledge of the hack and that justified an investigation when in fact we were discussing the possibility in the Pilot forum.


          1. Papadopoulos did say that the Russians had “dirt on Hillary” in the bar, and 3 weeks earlier he was told the Russians had “emails” that would embarrass Ms. Clinton.

            Now Papadopoulos and you seemed to have inferred they were from Hillary’s server; they were not.

            But, for a long time, it was reported by the sysad that ran Hillary’s private server that the server had NOT been hacked, which is more than the State Department could say over the same time period.

            Despite all of the hoopla about security on her server, one thing can be said for certain, a private server handling the activities of just the Clintons and maintained by a professional service is far more likely to be more secure than just about any government server this side of the NSA… opps, forgot, Snowden,

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          2. I think you are mixing up the actual hack of the DNC server by the Russians and the speculation that Clinton’s server could have been hacked.

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