The Full Extent of Joe Biden’s Corruption

For what its worth, this video provides a hypothesis explaining the nature of the Bidens’ corruption. To those who might dismiss the hypothesis as conspiracy theory, I freely admit as much. Hypotheses exist to be tested; this one is no different.

14 thoughts on “The Full Extent of Joe Biden’s Corruption

      1. Biden is a millionaire himself, and his family is very wealthy as well, but he has never held a job other than elected office.

        Maintaining a home in Delaware and another in DC on a Senator’s pay, he nevertheless became a multimillionaire.

        Perhaps he had a little tin box?


  1. “Hypotheses exist to be tested; this one is no different.” Yes it is. It is straight conspiracy BS. You even admit it is conspiracy. However, there should be a nugget of absolute truth, which this has almost zero.

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    1. I hope the percentage of open-minded people in the general population is reflective of my perception of the percentage of such people who regularly participate on this forum….

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    2. RE: “However, there should be a nugget of absolute truth, which this has almost zero.”

      Here the nugget of absolute truth is that USAID is susceptible to money laundering.


  2. In 1989, my ship was host ship for the 3 Russian navy ships that came here to Norfolk. It was quite something. Two things still stand out in my mind.

    This was back when civilians could tour the base and the ships, and the Russian ships gave (very limited) tours of their ships as well, mostly of the Marshal Ustinov, which was their most recently built, top of the line cruiser. All kinds of people came and toured, and were allowed to tour. You know who got banned from touring their ship? Tom Clancy, the author. He came onboard my ship and I got to meet him – rather conceited arrogant berk, but oh well. Imagine that – they were afraid of an author who writes fiction.

    The other incident was the next day; I was on a bus with a group of our sailors and theirs that toured around and went down to the resort area. On the way, we stopped at military circle mall / Janaf to show them a typical American grocery store, clothing stores, etc. At the oceanfront, you could see they were blown away by the hotels; that any American could come there and stay there on their vacation.

    On the way back, as we got on the bus, their zampolit (political officer) began speaking to the men, and we had a navy intel guy who spoke Russian on the bus. The intel guy starts laughing, and tells us that the zampolit is telling the men that no, this is a special place where just top military officers and politicians get to go. The Farm Fresh we stopped by? It’s the only grocery store for 100 miles. And so on. So, the bus driver says, I’ll go back up Virginia Beach blvd instead of 264; then they can see all the other grocery stores there are, and all the car dealerships, etc.

    So he does, and the intel guy now acts like a tour guide and says in Russian: here’s grocery stores, fast food stores, home improvement stores – yes, you can buy new furniture, new plumbing, new cars, etc. just as you please. And what does the zampolit do when the intel guy is done? Is he embarrassed for being caught out as a liar and a propagandist? Nope. All those stores on Virginia Beach boulevard – they are just props, there’s nothing in them. The cars aren’t for sale, these are storage lots and the cars will be sent overseas because Americans can’t afford cars of their own. The fast food places – this is where Americans go to eat because they can’t buy good meats in the grocery store; the government forces them to get bad food.

    As we go further on, and see more stores, and see navy housing and the exchange/commissary where enlisted sailors shop (for things which enlisted Russian sailors could only dream of), the zampolit gets more and more desperate, just pulling anything out of his ass to explain how none of this is real, we don’t really have it so good. And the Russian sailors, I’m sure to keep from getting in trouble, nod their heads in agreement.

    Because that’s how dictators and authoritarian regimes maintain control: by spreading lies like Comrade Zampolit does in this video. Making things up, knowing that out of fear and desperation, the Trump supporters will believe anything, even when the truth is staring them in the face.

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    1. RE: “Because that’s how dictators and authoritarian regimes maintain control: by spreading lies like Comrade Zampolit does in this video.”

      How is it a lie to state a hypothesis, especially when emphasizing it is a hypothesis?


    2. Very illustrative story.

      I had a similar experience with a woman from East Germany in the 70’s. She literally broke down and cried in a fairly pedestrian grocery store….

      The power of propaganda on the gullible and weak minded is immense.

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    3. Interesting post, rssdavidson1.

      My encounter with some sailors from a communist country came in 1968. I was on a bus going from Ocean View to downtown Norfolk. The sailors were sitting up front and since they were the only people on the bus, I sat up there, too. I had my young son with me who was about 6 or 7 months old – not quite walking at the time. The driver had hopped down to assist me in getting my stroller up on the bus.

      The sailors started talking and laughing and doing goo-goo things to my son, who obviously found them fascinating, at one point reaching out of them. Ha. One of the young men held his arms out and I assumed asked if he could hold my son. I handed the kid over. You would have thought they’d never seen in a sweet little pre-toddler before. It occured to me that regardless of who these guys were or where they were from – they must miss their families big time. The got off the bus before I did and they said things to me as they smiled and shook my hand and seemed thrilled with our encounter. I had no clue what they were saying; but, gladly took their hands and smiled and thanked them for making our day. After they got off the bus, the driver told me where they were from and I cannot for the life of me remember which country they were from; but, I remember the driver telling me that my son was never in any trouble and that he had been talking to the guys (as best he could) before I got on. When I told my husband about it that evening when he got home, he told me that was a communist country; but they got kids too and probably miss the hell out of the, just as we would if it was us in a foreign country. That has absolutely nothing to do with anything going on today; but, it was a wonderful experience to watch them with my young child. I’ve never forgot it, and I’ve always remembered their kindness and joy that day. Of course my son has no recollection of it at all – but, it made my day and quite obviously made theirs too. As for my son – he was happy to be the center of attention with men in funny looking uniforms. Sorry for that side-trip – just had to share.

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