Understanding the Urban/Rural divide


It seems a lot of councilpersons don’t understand the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement. It’s not a declaration of war. It’s a message to Northern Virginia that nothing good will come from going too far in forcing their version of “common sense” of the rest of the State.

The hope is that faced with a refusal to go along with their abuses, they will stop short of provoking a confrontation between their ‘big government enclave’ in the DC suburbs and the rest of the State.

Chesapeake will be complicated as it is a microcosm of the overall problem. The Northern sector is not unlike Northern VA, but the Western Branch and Southern Chesapeake agricultural area is more like the rest of Virginia.

It will be interesting.

25 thoughts on “Understanding the Urban/Rural divide

  1. It’s a two way street. Rural areas need to respect the urban lifestyle as well. Walking down Granby Street with AR-15’s slung over a shoulder is not a good idea.

    If state reciprocity for CCP is to be acceptable, then at least consider better procedures than a receipt for the purchases and a certificate showing you can fog a mirror.

    Yes, there are differences in needs and lifestyle among urban/suburban and truly rural areas. Personally, I am willing to allow for that. Of course that is with compromise on both sides.

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    1. Has anyone walked down Granby St with an AR, other than as part of an organized protest?

      But i am not really trying to re-argue gun control in general right now, I am thinking of the clash between urban and rural voters, and the need for each to live and let live.

      Please do tell me how gun owners in rural Chesapeake are such a threat to Northern VA suburbanites that they feel a need to seize control of our communities? None of us are demanding that they bear arms after all.

      Compromise on rights doesn’t work. The goalposts never stop moving.


          1. It is my belief, based on embryology and prenatal experimentation I read many years ago, that self awareness begins at about 4.5 to 5 months in utero, and that after that there is a human being worthy of the protection of the Rule of Law.

            My stand on late term abortion is based on that right of the unborn child to protection. It has nothing to do with taking away a woman’s right, as she has no right to kill a child.


          2. It is NOT a child until it is born. PERIOD! And it IS the choice of the women to do what she believes is best for herself, her family, and her fetus. Not YOURS!

            Liberty for all expect those the Libertarians believe don’t deserve it. Gotcha!


          3. Understand that I am not speaking of consciousness as we experience it, just rudimentary self awareness.

            Since this is a dead thread, I’ll explain.

            The research I am referring to was done on a number of aborted but still living fetuses. A 12 week fetus will flinch if it’s eye is touched with a probe. That could be a reflex below the threshold of self awareness. A 20 week fetus when touched on the eye with a probe would lift its hand and push the probe away.

            That’s not reciting the Gettysburg address, but it is clearly a coordinated response to an irritant. 20 week fetuses will also suck their thumbs. Those are definite signs of rudimentary self awareness.


          4. as I wrote, it was many years ago, probably 30 years, and I don’t think it was done in the US. LIFE magazine ran some of the pictures in a special issue. Very controversial at the time.

            But it sticks with you.


  2. Virginia has 95 counties, plus 38 independent cities, for a total of 135 municipalities. The web site Gun Rights Watch lists 46 Virginia municipalities which have passed Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions to date (see map):


    I am unable to find a copy of the resolution under discussion in Chesapeake, but I imagine it is similar, if not nearly identical, to the resolution Carroll County passed last month:



    1. So?

      How does that justify voters in urban areas, where government is the center of everyone’s lives, imposing their unexamined prejudices on others whose lives and values are completely different?


      1. Well, that’s life, “Them that’s got shall get, them that don’t shall lose, so the Bible says, and it still is news…

        Look at it this way, and find some comfort. For more than 250 years the rural areas of Virginia ran roughshod over the urban, including on the issue of slavery. Only a wealthy city dweller would/could own a slave, but even the poorest scrabble-dirt farmer had need and could justify the expense.

        This is comeuppance, or in modern parlance, “payback’s a bitch.”

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        1. So, you concede that it is an abuse of the powers of government, you just think it’s justified as getting back at people who are long dead?

          Government is supposed to leave us free to choose so long as we are not using force on others.


          1. It’s “use of power”. Didn’t say it was nice, just said it is what it is. Somebody someplace won’t like it.
            “Government is supposed to leave us free to choose so long as we are not using force on others.”
            Tell it to the cop.

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  3. Interesting how nothing has been passed yet, but the VCDL is raising cain about what MIGHT happen. Until anything is passed, and challenged in the courts, the sheriffs and LE officials in these so-called “sanctuaries” will be in violation of their office and lose their jobs and pensions if they do not uphold the laws.

    If the 2A folks were so worried about this, maybe they should have voted. Or perhaps they did, but the MAJORITY of voters overruled them. The rural areas are free to break away and form their own state. But the money the rural areas get from the urban areas will be cut off. Remember the axiom so often used today: “Elections have consequences.”


    1. If only we could break free of Northern VA.

      But right now, the 2A sanctuary movement is about sending a message to Richmond.

      I’m not sure if better turnout would have mattered that much, but don’t worry, you can expect 100% turnout for the Congressional and Statewide elections in 2020.


        1. Mark Warner beat Ed Gillespe, a terrible candidate, by only one percent in a low turnout election.

          Warner is toast. The only thing that saved him last time was low turnout in rural districts where the House candidates were largely unopposed.


          1. The GOP couldn’t find a suitable candidate to run against Warner (Or Kaine for that matter) before. What makes you believe that all of a sudden they will come up with the Messiah you expect.

            Your wish for a US Senator to become a breakfast side dish is laughable. In a statewide contest, your rural voters will not procreate enough eligible 18 year- olds in the nextr 18 months to overcome the Democratic voters in Virginny.


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