As predicted . . .

The drooling anticipation by some of the Trump lovers around here for the looming bombshell “deep state” reports by IG Horowitz and U.S. Attorney John Durham was predicted – by me – to end in yet another bitter disappointment for those conned by Mr. Trump. It has. There is no there, there. There never was. At some point will embarrassment set in for those so eager to be gulled?

26 thoughts on “As predicted . . .

  1. The “spin” has already begun. It will be ultimately a “deep”, “deep”, deep-State conspiracy by HRC and Obama.

    Only a full re-boot of our political system beginning with removal of the Imbecile in Chief will fix this…

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  2. Did you read the article or just the headline?

    “The draft, though, is not final. The inspector general has yet to release any conclusions, and The Washington Post has not reviewed Horowitz’s entire report, even in draft form. It is also unclear whether Durham has shared the entirety of his findings and evidence with the inspector general or merely answered a specific question.”

    All that Durham actually told Barr was that our intelligence agencies have denied Misfud worked for them.

    How about you wait for the IG report itself, and Durhams findings, before getting too giddy.


    1. @TABOR

      All of the information now known is coming from leaks orchestrated by the administration as part of a soft-landing for this OBVIOUS nothing burger.

      The remarkable and truly sad thing is that there are so many people – such as yourself – eager to believe this “deep state is out to get Trump” nonsense while never asking themselves “How come Trump is President and Hillary was sabotaged?” Of course, to be a Trump supporter you have to check common sense at the door along with decency, patriotism, respect for truth, support for the rule of law and Christian morality.

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    2. “Giddy” ?

      There is nothing “giddy” invoking by the slow motion destruction of our Republic by by this corrupt Administration.

      The “facts” are not in dispute (regardless of the non-stop deflections) and must be acted on by the patriots who are moving to impeach.

      History will judge those who stand in the way of the removal of this cancer harshly if the “removal” is thwarted.

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  3. Napoleon Alert

    Nancy better be enjoying her time as speaker, because between impeachment and Bloomberg’s massive mobilization of 2nd Amendment advocates, it will end January 2021.


    1. @Tabor
      You are dreaming. The root cause of our country’s current embarrassment has been the fact that the people you are talking about have always been highly motivated – hate and fear work that way – while the new “silent majority” has been apathetic. THEY are the ones who now have fire in their bellies. The GOP Election experience of 2018 was just a foretaste.

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    2. Bloomberg and the 2nd Amendment?

      I think you’re looking in the wrong place to find straws to grasp. Neither will be a central issue in 2020.

      For better or worse the focus will be trump versus the Republic (or sanity) and everything else will take a back seat.

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      1. I still think the primary issue should be health care. ACA is still being attacked. And, more importantly, even with the slight gains in wages, the cost for health insurance for a family of 4 is over $20,000 per year.
        This does not count deductibles, copays or the already 3% payroll tax for Medicare.

        That works out to be about 1/3rd of the median income for a family of four. From all sources.

        Lots of people are still having to decide about medication versus the electric bill. And the GOP attitude towards pre-existing conditions was the big issue in 2018.

        If the Democrats can tone down the Medicare for All, which Warren has already walked back a bit, and focus on what people are actually paying now and what they could with some reforms or a public option, I think they will have a good case.

        Regardless of the regimes corruption, which is a non-starter for his core worshipers.

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    3. Deflection alert.

      Sounds to me like maybe all of the 2A supporters stayed home in VA last month. The trend is pro-gun control. Reasonable gun control. The screechers at VCDL are so afraid of any change that would help make this commonwealth and country safer, they are drudging up all the old scare tactics concerning confiscation of legal weapons. The madness is there, not in the newly elected GA.

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      1. The right wing power brokers should chat with the gun industry. Support for a Democrat would be prudent.

        If A Democrat wins the election, gun sales will skyrocket. AR-15’s, big magazines, silencers, ammo will fly off the shelves.

        Background check improvement is a small price to pay for profit.

        Its the American way. Just ask Wall Street.

        Wink, wink.

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      2. Were 2A supporters caught sleeping? Maybe.

        But they damn sure are awake now.

        The General Assembly elections don’t really reflect overall sentiment.

        Federal judges Gerrymandered many districts to help Democrats this time around(yes, I know they were previously Gerrymandered to help the GOP) and there were a lot of uncontested seats.

        The first to feel the wrath this time around will be Warner, who beat Gillespie, a horrible candidate, by only 1%. Expect 100% turnout in the rural counties this time so the GOP could nominate Satan and carry the election.

        Likewise, Northam will likely be the last Democrat governor in our lifetimes.

        Locally, Luria is toast. I don’t have a feel for the rest of the State for the Congressional elections.


        1. “Federal judges Gerrymandered many districts to help Democrats”…
          No! They corrected, appropriately, the gerrymandering done by the GOP in 2001. They are getting us back to the time where voters select their candidates, not the other way around.

          And the first order of business for the new GA would be to pass the bill to establish the non-partisan redistricting commission so the voters can approve it in 2020.


          1. Right.

            And Chesapeake belongs in the 4th Congressional district for the upcoming election with Richmond and Petersburg, a hundred miles away, and not with VA Beach, while Willamsburg belongs in the 2nd with VA Beach instead of in the 4th with much closer Richmond.

            And it goes that way right down to House of Delegates districts.

            That doesn’t mean the old districts were right, but the judges made the new districts just as wrong in the other direction.


          2. Fair, equal and contiguous is the goal. The judges may not have gotten right in your mind. They did, however, correct the racial packing of districts. But that is why the commission needs to be approved.


    4. RE: “Napoleon Alert”

      Watching Nancy Pelosi’s press appearance to announce the writing of articles of impeachment definitely reminded me of Napoleon. I kept thinking, “Unreality works, until it doesn’t.”


    1. RE: “and that is exactly what you are about to find out.”

      Could be, but you are the one promoting unreality by making predictions based on a report that hasn’t been published.


      1. RE: “You have been making predictions about the Durham report for months.”

        That’s what I mean by promoting unreality. I have certainly mentioned the “Durham report” many times, but any predictions I have made about Durham’s findings exist only in your overheated imagination.


        1. Bull. You can have your own opinions but you do not get your own facts. That you expected the Durham investigation to provide total validation of Trump’s “deep state” lies is what you wrote about MANY times. That is how I knew of your “drooling anticipation” referenced at the top. And, I have warned you almost as many times to not let your hopes on this run away with you. That is the source of my headline . . . “As predicted. . .”

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        2. RE: “That you expected the Durham investigation to provide total validation of Trump’s ‘deep state’ lies is what you wrote about MANY times.”

          Prove it.


          1. In other words you can’t. The audience may conclude, as I assert, that you are the purveyor of unreality here.


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