Poor, pitiful Donald got mocked today. Wish I gave a hoot, but NOPE, JUST CAN’T.

He loves mocking and disparaging people so much, he probably thought they were just talking about how wonderfully great he is. Too funny, and so deserved.

21 thoughts on “Poor, pitiful Donald got mocked today. Wish I gave a hoot, but NOPE, JUST CAN’T.

  1. In Donald’s world, what is good for the goose is NOT good for the gander. And it just proves what many have been saying since his election: He is a laughing stock and the country is and will pay for it on the world stage.

    To the isolationists, it is no bug deal. I beg to differ. Visiting countries around the world as a member of the military, it is not a good feeling for your hosts to think your commander-in-chief is a buffoon.

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    1. Donald, you need new material, that’s weak, and a bit silly.

      The adults across the pond recognize a clown when they see one and are reacting (finally) appropriately.

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      1. The NATO meeting has been scheduled for almost a year, is there any reason other than to undermine the President abroad for having to hold the opening statements on this particular day?


        1. The Dems are being expeditious in their attempted to remove our corrupt Head of State and paying attention to his schedule is insignificant when compared to the survival of our Republic.,,,

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    2. The opposing political parties in most Western countries are rough on the elected leaders.

      Have you seen the antics in the British House of Commons? Trump would curl up and cry were he PM in that venue.

      We are learning that Trump was a sheltered bully boy who relied on Dad to bail him out when things got sticky. His press conference was a rambling, whiney mess. And in front of some of the top leaders in the world, a total embarrassment.

      He won’t be removed from office. Whether he wins again is yet to be seen, of course. What we have to hope for is that we have no real crisis because his leadership is lacking.

      If our adversaries planned it or not, the strategy of divide and conquer seems to be working. But not for us. Peeling the US from the EU and the rest of the world in trade and treaties puts China and Russia in stronger positions.

      But Trudeau’s “open mike” comment is spot on. Trump’s constant shifting positions makes any reasonable negotiations a farce.

      Respect is earned.

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    3. Or at least the Ukraine border.

      Now it has gone all the way to Kyiv as in “…could you do me a favor, though…”.

      Maybe if Trump had stopped it at the border we wouldn’t be in this mess.

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      1. Don’t kid yourself.

        The decision to impeach Trump was made within hours of his unexpected victory in the election. If it hadn’t been Ukraine, it would be something else exaggerated by the Dems and their propaganda arm the press.

        What is this, the 6th cause?


        1. Yeah, I guess at about the same time it took to decide to find something on Clinton with a 6 year investigation and to decide formally to destroy Obama by total obstruction. .

          I know, it’s not the same. They were Democrats so who cares?

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          1. And yet, as much as the GOP opposed Obama’s agenda, they never attempted to use the Congressional power of impeachment against him, even when they controlled both houses of Congress.


          2. Because the GOP has absolutely no backbone. “We’ll be called racists if we try to impeach Obama”, or words to that effect. Didn’t you say that to me a week or so ago? They also knew there was no way to get 67 senators to vote for it. But nothing Obama did (that you and they disagreed with) rose to the level of what Trump is doing wrt abuse of power.

            And to prove they have no backbone, no one stands up to him even when they disagree. They whitewash or poo poo his actions and words as “Trump being Trump.” The GOP is now the party of chickenshit representatives who are so afraid of Trump, they disregard his immoral and illegal behaviors just so they get their tax cuts for the rich and ULTRA-conservative judges.

            And the Democrats are not going after Trump because of his agenda. Those can and should be debated in Congress. They are going after him because what he appears to have done is an abuse of power not seen anywhere in this country’s history.

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  2. He brought any and ALL unpleasantness on himself, at least as far back as from the time that President Obama was in the office. Racist, that he is, he just couldn’t control his ‘show me your papers, boy.’ antics. That was the beginning of my dislike of ‘djt’. And, once he decided to run, he showed nothing but mocking, demeaning, sexism, racism and a nasty old dislike of people from other countries. (Oh, pardon me, I forgot – he did seem to like the Norwegians, I believe. ha.) You call out the left, but what did Megyn Kelly and Carly Fiorina do to twist his britches? Neither of them were from the ‘left’. Same with Jeb Bush and a bunch of other people from the Republican side. Sorry – he’s scum, he’s an empty-suit and not someone I’d pour water on, as I’ve mentioned before, (smile) if his confused bobble-head was on fire. He is reaping the rewards of his own sewn seeds.

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    1. If it is me your asking, I am on your team. Just a little levity.

      The current regime is a total disgrace. Along with the Republican Party, of course.

      But that’s just me…and about 60% of the nation. Probably more if the truth be known.

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      1. Apologies sir. I realized how snippy that probably went over right after I wrote it, and I couldn’t find the way to delete it, and then forgot about it. I use that line so often, myself (“Don’t hold back. Let us know how you really feel.”) and, yet I didn’t grasp the intended ‘levity’, just as you said. Too much of Mr. Nunes, Mr. Jordan and Mr. Ratcliffe in the past week or so, I guess.

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        1. Shoot. No apologies necessary.

          There needs to be a international symbol for sarcasm. Kind of like a shout of “fore” on the golf course is a heads up to be alert for the unexpected.

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  3. At this juncture, all that the Democrats can (and should) do is to document sufficiently his malfeasance so as to be able to say, “We informed you thusly,” and let the Republicans continue, with no courage of conviction, on the road to their own particular Hell.

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