Mailvox (Vox Popoli): the success dealers

Vox Day shares an email from a purported former candidate for Congress. His correspondent recounts the manner in which a “delegation of state Republicans” attempted to recruit him. An anecdote, especially an anonymous one, doesn’t prove much, but this one strikes me as believable and symbolic.

Over the years I have become convinced that our political system runs on blackmail. This particular story illustrates how the seeds of blackmail may be planted with an individual, making the process easy to visualize. You start with a promise that requires a personal compromise. That gives you a politician who can be compromised. After that, the operation moves on to more sophisticated measures.

Some people say that money in politics is the source of corruption. I used to think so, too, but it seems to me now that power in politics is the source. There is no power greater than the power to exploit the weaknesses of others.

5 thoughts on “Mailvox (Vox Popoli): the success dealers

  1. It is still money. Those who would ensure the success of the alleged politician would provide the money, the means and the support. In return, they would expect action to enrich themselves further.

    The politician would reap his financial rewards a bit later.

    This is American politics since almost the founding. Money begets power which begets more money.

    Citizens United is the ultimate prize. Huge sums and anonymity.

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    1. RE: “Money begets power which begets more money.”

      Sounds overly simplistic to me. Money doesn’t motivate everyone, as the referenced email shows.


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