I thought I spent a lot of money on golf


Of course, at least it was my money. Hey, come to think of it, Trump’s golfing bill is my money.

The figures are staggering. $115 million, and that is from information that is publicly available. The White House won’t release how many staff stay at his resorts. Now why is that? And the nights are close to $600, more than 3 times the government normal per diem. All going to Trump’s business.

“At this point in Obama’s first term, he had spent 88 days on a golf course. But Trump’s visit to his course in West Palm Beach on Wednesday was his 223rd day at one of his own courses ― two and a half times as many golfing days as Obama.

Further, Obama played the majority of his rounds at courses on military bases within a short drive of the White House, while Trump has insisted on taking numerous trips to visit his courses in New Jersey and Florida, both of which require seven-figure travel and security costs.”

The point? Today a big deal was made in the press that Trump has been donating his salary to either charity or to the government. I believe the article points out that the golf expenses so far equal 287 years of his salary.

Geez man, keep the pay and golf a bit less.

Of course, he is a Republican and the motto is “Borrow and Spend”.

14 thoughts on “I thought I spent a lot of money on golf

  1. RE: “The point? Today a big deal was made in the press that Trump has been donating his salary to either charity or to the government. I believe the article points out that the golf expenses so far equal 287 years of his salary.”

    Who cares? I sure don’t.


    1. Of course you don’t. You appear to not care about much. It is more proof of the hypocrisy and narcissism of Mr.Trump. Things that you don’t believe are an issue. But when they manifest themselves in the manner they have with Trump, they are an issue.

      But you’re entitled to your ambivalence.

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      1. RE: “But you’re entitled to your ambivalence.”

        I am entitled to much more than that, such as disdain for psycho-babble, mindlessness and irrelevance.


  2. And he’s a documented cheat at the game.

    Doing the right thing when no one is watching (or, obviously, even when they are) is something that never enters his tiny narcissistic brain…

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    1. Just imagine the exploding heads if President Obama was a well-documented golf cheater.

      The sad but revealing thing about Trump’s golf is that without cheating he would be a much better than average player especially for a man of his age. But, he just cannot control himself in this as in every other aspect of life. Pitiful really.

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      1. I’ve often wondered how much money I saved by turning down business deals with people I observed cheating at golf.

        “Trust” is fundamental to ALL successful relationships.

        How ANYBODY can trust someone who both lies and cheats boggles my mind…

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  3. The funniest Presidential golf exploit was Clinton’s WH Correspondence Dinner video of him driving balls on the WH lawn. He’s shown driving balls and saying how relaxing the simple act of hitting a bucket of balls can be. He picks up his clubs and heads back to the office. The last scene is a cutaway to Denny Hastert’s car with 3 or 4 of those stick on 3-D balls on his windshield.

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  4. Still, I don’t begrudge any of them their time on a golf course, not even Trump, and in the grand scheme of taxpayer funded personal costs, while Trump may outdo all of them for the last 100 years (given 8 years he’ll shatter Eisenhower’s 800 rounds), it’s still a nit.

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    1. I’ll pic that nit for this reason; he repeatedly criticized Obama for golfing and told the American people he wouldn’t have time because he’d be too busy working.

      Of course as my avatar (great movie) depicts, he is the Lyin King…

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    2. You have to factor in a few things.

      Eisenhower was a genuine war hero. (He was never a POW, either. A big plus for our current president.)

      Trump avoided VD as his “Vietnam”.

      Eisenhower did not load up his golf resorts with taxpayer dollars.

      Trump…well, he has.

      I don’t think Eisenhower cheated.

      Trump…let’s say he is legendary.

      I would go on, but then I might be accused of criticizing the regime.

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