A surprisingly balanced piece from NYT.

Friedman takes a balanced look at the ongoing US/China trade situation. The blame is shared, and he even gives DJT good credit for the ideas outside of the dysfunction. But Xi takes as much of a hit.

Interesting take. Uncoupling is not good for anyone.

3 thoughts on “A surprisingly balanced piece from NYT.

  1. Thomas Friedman has always been one of favorite columnists.

    “ Trump has deployed a totally disjointed, impulsive “America First” strategy that has ended up “America Alone” — and weaker. And Xi has been no better.”

    Remember “I, alone, can fix it.” Trump is trying to be the sole hero because it makes good rally cheers.
    Xi is trying to be the sole hero in China because he is a dictator.

    Neither reason is is a good one. Unfortunately, the chaotic lack of our government coordination of goals, as Friedman pointed out, might be the weaker position.

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    1. I agree on Friedman. He’s also good on TV/radio. Maureen Dowd is shrill and pretty much the left wing version of Michelle Malkin.

      And the left hand does not know what the right hand, left foot, right foot, left knee and right elbow is up in this admin.

      Happy Thanksgiving.


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