I Wonder if Spencer will be another “I hardly knew the man” appointee


The Navy is taking the logical position that a tweet is not an official order.

It should be interesting to see if Trump actually issues an order overriding the military’s actions.

Trump says we train men to be killing machines, so when they kill we should not punish them. Of course that goes against the whole concept of military discipline. We are no longer raising armies that allow rape and pillage as part of the benefit package. Nor do we permit atrocities such as My Lai.

We have strict codes of conduct regarding non-combatants and POW’s regardless of what the enemy does.

Aside from combat, what would be the defense for a returning SEAL who kills someone in a bar fight? We trained him to kill so go easy? PTSD is not a defense for breaking the law. This case is not that much different since it deals with a man who crossed the line of established discipline which the military decided was too far no matter the circumstances.

Trump may be Commander in Chief, but it is not “his” army.

3 thoughts on “I Wonder if Spencer will be another “I hardly knew the man” appointee

    1. Well, Spencer is gone. Esper fired him not long ago.

      Trump, as president is certainly within his rights to fire anyone within his administration. All presidents have that prerogative.

      In my opinion, though, this interference in military discipline is not a good precedence. Especially for war crimes. Just because we train our forces how to kill, doesn’t give them carte blanche to act savagely. That is what discipline is all about.

      We know that Trump is also in favor of torture as he said so during the campaign. Of course not only is it illegal, morally wrong but it also puts our troops in greater peril. The same with the approval, if not outright encouragement, of bad discipline in the recent cases.

      Not surprisingly, this Trump hasn’t a clue about such things.

      His statements and actions are vote getters since the victims are Muslims and his base will love him for it.

      We are really sinking pretty low if, as a nation, we approve of this breakdown in morality.


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  1. I look at this way. It’s unlikely this Gallagher clown will move to my town, so he’s an SEP.

    But, should he wind up as your neighbor and start complaining about your security lights or your hedges needing a trim… He slit a prisoner’s throat. That’s undisputed. He’s not a soldier (or SEAL), he’s a killer.

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