Another Democrat enters field

Clarence Page suggests Deval Patrick may be a bridge to draw voters to a moderate ticket.

His resume is a pretty good. Private business experience as a legal partner, and now as managing director of Bain Capital, Romney’s stomping grounds.

And he has executive branch credentials from a major state as governor of Massachusetts. A state that has the precursor to ACA as passed with Romney.

My feeling is that “eyes on the prize”, Congress and the White House, is more critical than campaigning on huge changes in a government that people already have low confidence in.

I don’t know what skeletons he has stored in the closet, but I am sure people on the right, and even the hard left, will help us find some, real or imagined.


3 thoughts on “Another Democrat enters field

  1. No thank you.

    The Bank Capital stint will hurt him badly in the primary, and it should, along with his work at Texaco and Coca Cola defending bad actors. Why he would choose to sell his integrity to polish the image of these racial/sexual discriminatory companies is beyond me. Reminds me of the African-Americans that stood up for George Allen after the macaca incident.

    His support and then working for Roland Arnall and Ameriquest, one of the worst subprime mortgage fraudsters, was disgraceful.

    Moreover, the commercials write themselves: cue the images of Boston traffic snarls, commuter rail delays and dirty MBTA cars – he did a terrible job with infrastructure as governor. While he did have a higher favorability rating than Elizabeth Warren has, the current Republican governor Charlie Baker’s approval rating is 20 points higher than Deval Patrick’s. I can just see the sign: Even MA liberals prefer a Republican over Deval Patrick.

    He offers nothing different than the other moderate candidates; he should not add to what is already a dysfunctional primary.

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    1. Well, I did say we might hear about some skeletons.

      His business resume will certainly raise eyebrows on the left.

      He did come into ACC Holdings, Ameriquest’s parent company, at the request of Arnall to clean up a financial mess, and departed in 2006 to run for Governor. We know that the “company one keeps” is often indicative of personal values. I don’t know if that is the case.

      Patrick prides himself as a problem solver, but your info about infrastructure in MA during his term is not exactly positive.

      I don’t know enough about him to decide either way.

      I am concerned about the Warren/Sanders pitch as being a bit too much, too soon. And I am not excited about Biden. I do think the message from Buttigieg and Klobuchar is solid, but can they win?

      We live in interesting times as the old Chinese curse says.

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