AT: Points fingers concerning the GOP loss of power in the Virginia GA

No mention of the redrawn districts. Apparently, even Chris Jones of Suffolk was a weak candidate. And no Trump Rallies anywhere in the Commonwealth.

And calling for the VA GOP to embrace Trump in a state he LOST by about 5 points in 2016 is NOT going to bring them back to power.

13 thoughts on “AT: Points fingers concerning the GOP loss of power in the Virginia GA

  1. These Trumpuglicans are whistling past the grave yard. The most significant reason that the Democrats triumphed in a state heavily Gerrymandered against them was the massive increase in turnout – something that always favors their party. And why the massive turnout? Ordinary people – regardless of their political leanings – are sick of him and want to express how they feel. Thanks Mr. Trump!


      1. Sometimes you need to read past the first line…

        “The judges ordered a new map in June after ruling that lawmakers had racially gerrymandered eleven House districts by packing black voters into them.”

        Yet another plank in the Republican party inconsistent with America’s values — racism.

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          1. Yeah, but did they have to pack every black voter in one district so they only got one representative?

            I exaggerate, but that was the gist of GOP redistricting.

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      2. The courts righted the wrong that allowed GOP politicians to pick their voters. The independent redistricting committee is the best way forward and it should be the first item to come to a vote in both houses. – IMHO. Then it is up to we, the people of this commonwealth to vote for it in 2020.

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      3. Here Doc, let me put forth an example for you that is easily understood. The 2011 76th District of Chris Jones was the equivalent of a 3-piece Louisiana Fried Turducken (Suffolk, Portsmouth, and Chesapeake) meal in which Chris got all three breasts. No wings, no thighs, no legs, no dark meat.

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        1. In general, most Gerrymandering is done not to benefit party or race but to protect incumbents of both parties. Deals are worked out between the parties to protect them.

          I hope a method to make redistricting truly non-partisan, but I am not optimistic.


          1. Now that the GOP SCOTUS has ruled that Gerrymandering for partisan advantage is fine and dandy there is little motivation for either party to pass up the opportunity to strengthen its position. As a Democrat, I am pleased that this work will be done in 2021 with the Democrats holding the whip hand. I would like to see them try to set up a non-partisan commission to do the work. But, either way Gerrymandered in their favor or objective district lines will be a big improvement for Democrats.

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