A call against complacency

Kristof hits the “high points” and reminds us to not become numb to reality.

4 thoughts on “A call against complacency

  1. Nicholas Kristof is a con artist. How do I know?

    Because he tells a lie in the very first sentence of his article:

    “The problem with being a frog in a beaker is that you may not notice the water temperature rising to a boil.”

    The boiling frog story is a fairy tale, a fable. It is a metaphor with no reality of its own:


    In other words, Kristof uses a demonstrably false metaphor to make a supposedly true point.

    It is possible, of course, for a false metaphor to communicate demonstrable truth. But the situation is different when the metaphor is known to be false. When that happens, you can be sure you’re dealing with a con artist, or a liar.


      1. Straws??

        You might be a complete right-wing political hack if three positions held by you are;
        1) Left foot red — the 2nd Amendment is designed to deter government tyranny,
        2) Right foot crossed over on green — Lois Lerner should be compelled to testify,
        3) Left hand crossed to blue — Donald Trump did not commit an impeachable act of Abuse of Power…

        If someone, anyone, on the Right can dovetail these positions with a consistent argument (put the right hand on yellow), I’m waiting. Give a twirl Doc.


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