Only 23 hours

till these horrible, negative campaign adds stop.

For a while.

5 thoughts on “Only 23 hours

  1. Boy, it is really amazing. Sometime 4 in a row. They are on par with prescription drug ads for irritation factor.

    Honestly, is there data that show the efficacy to make it worthwhile?

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  2. Are you kidding? The presidential election started when Trump got elected and recently ramped up with phony impeachment proceedings otherwise known as political opinions disguised as legal proceedings.


    1. Oh, those impeachment proceedings are real alright. Not “phony” at all. And with the compelling evidence now coming into public view it is very likely that Mr. Trump will be impeached. The GOP Senate can acquit him if they choose to put party over country and ignore the facts, but they will do so at their grave political peril. It may seem now that they will acquit, but really, from a GOP point of view, what is wrong with the idea of a President Pence?

      By the way, an impeachment is not a legal proceeding. It is a political process designed by the founders as a method to remove a President who has proven to be unworthy of the trust he has been given.

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      1. I’m glad the Dems are finally starting to call what trump’s actions what they are; extortion and bribery.

        The use of the term bribery is particularly useful in that it is mentioned specifically as a basis for removal from office.

        Anything that can be done to negate the ridiculous “it’s not that bad” defense from the GOP Senate weasels is a good idea.

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