“Are you freaking kidding me?”, Michael Steele


Michael Steele, former RNC chairman takes on the threats of civil war if Trump is impeached.

And, yes, two major Evangelical ministers have also indicated that threat. Not as Christians to encourage peace and non-violence, but to tacitly threaten violence. Imagine if MLK had threatened that route. And he was trying to right a horrendous culture of apartheid enforced by law and terror against American citizens. That could have been more violent and with just cause.

Who is suffering such persecution now that civil war is justified? Where are the thousands being hung from trees or whose homes are burned out because they are a minority? Who can’t live, work, play, travel or eat where they want?

How much more crap do we have to take from these tax evading multi-millionaires “pastors” hiding behind the First Amendment. They already demand intrusion into our private lives and loves, that women can’t decide about having children, that we have to pray in schools and teach Biblical stories as science.

And now civil war?

I agree with Steele.

Oh, IMHO of course.

(Perhaps I should add “with all due respect”)

10 thoughts on ““Are you freaking kidding me?”, Michael Steele

  1. I agree that were Trump successfully impeached and removed from office that would not justify an armed uprising. After all, for that to happen a number of Republicans would have to agree with the Democrats that it was justified.

    I don’t know the exact words of the others, but what Jefferies said was ‘a civil war like fracture’ which is not the same thing as calling for an armed uprising. And in that he is correct, I fit were to happen, we would come to think of today’s rancor as the good-old-days on non-partisan cooperation. You have not seen partisanship like what would come next.

    The next Democrat to be elected would be impeached while he was taking the oath of office and Congress would never pass another bill. Without firing a shot, the Federal government would be destroyed by paralysis.

    It’s really time for the House Democrats to step back from the brink and start governing instead of conducting endless witch hunts in hopes for finding a cause for impeachment.

    I’m a Libertarian, a crippled Federal government is not a bad thing for me, but some of you think we need a Federal government so be careful what you wish for.


    1. Hard to imagine a greater partisan divide that today’s. The Senate won’t even look at a single bill from the House. Every Trump rally is a mob rant to lock up opponents.

      Critics are human scum and everyone but his kids and Kelly Anne are enemies of the people.

      On the bright side we are watching history. And we are testing ourselves and our Constitution to weather a harsh political climate without resorting to violence.

      I think we can do it, Trump or no Trump.

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      1. Even for you, I think you are being laughably melodramatic in your characterizations. As far as sitting on bills that you seem to think are important, I seem to recall Harry Reid doing the exact same thing. Bueller?? Bueller??


        1. Glad I made you smile.

          Yeah, dear old Harry. The GOP House kept cranking out “repeal ACA” bills on a copier, but I don’t recall much else.

          Personally, I think Senate majority leaders have a bit too much power no matter the party. They are just trying to keep their party’s Senators from having to go on the record for anything that could bite them later.

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  2. “The next Democrat to be elected would be impeached while he was taking the oath of office and Congress would never pass another bill.”

    What you leave out of this entire analysis is that the racists, bigots and other ignorati who put Trump in office are a minority of the population. They are having their way now only due to the apathy of everybody else. Trump has done more than any Democrat – including President Obama – to end that apathy especially among younger people who future is at stake. The crushing defeat of Trumpism in 2018 is a bellwether of the storm that is coming.

    Your call for the Democrats to get back to governing is not based in reality. Seems they can walk and chew gum at the same time. The current House has passed dozens of significant bills addressing major issues that are languishing without debate or action under the thumb of Mitch McConnell whose idea of governing seems to be stop any and all progress and to pack the courts from top to bottom with doctrinaire incompetents.

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  3. “House has passed dozens” of bills and while some are purely political a number are bipartisan and needful.

    Moscow Mitch has no problem harming the Country to protect himself and the GOP.

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  4. Inciting violence is a trump “go to” that has been picked up by the cult. Brain washed people lose the ability or will to question and reason on their own.

    Mass suicides we’ve seen done in the name of various leaders/messiahs throughout history reflect the type blind obedience and detachment from reality we’re witnessing in the mindless support of the conman serving as our President.

    I continue to hold out hope that sane people will turn out and vote, but there are a lot of weak minded people in the world and their votes count as much as those who can tell the difference between fact and fiction…

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  5. On cue, our beloved Demorat socialists cast aspersions on the sensible Americans who comprise half the nation as brainwashed ninnies. Have the rats looked in a mirror lately? With all of the unkempt socialists running around, I don’t they have and some.


    1. Rats have mirrors?

      Actually, the comment was critical of those who are calling for, threatening, or predicting a civil war if Trump were removed from office.

      “Brainwashed ninnies” would only be the applicable label for those that think such a response would be a good idea. I would hope that much fewer than half the nation would want to destroy America over a single president, much less this one.

      You might note that the concern was expressed by Michael Steele, the former RNC chairman.

      Of course I suppose a Republican that does not kiss Trump’s butt is a rat…or was it human scum? I can’t recall all the clever talking points from the regime.

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    2. I suppose it was my referring to “racists, bigots and ignorati” that put Trump in office that triggered your paraphrase “brainwashed ninnies?” I made that remark because more than half of the Trump base subscribe to his Birtherism. That means they are racists, bigots and extremely ignorant.

      “Brainwashed ninnies” is far too kind for those people who respond positively to the constant race-baiting and hate-mongering that are Trump’s stock in trade. It connotes that they are basically good people who have been fooled. Not so. They are simply deplorable.

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