When conservatives like Goldberg point the obvious…


…Trump is in trouble.

Republicans are attacking the process, not the facts. Goldberg, whose conservative chops are substantial, points this out with absolute clarity.

His remedy is also clear, but impossible for the president to carry out. Contrition is not a family trait.

11 thoughts on “When conservatives like Goldberg point the obvious…

    1. Awful lot of facts and common sense in the comments so I’m not sure how that’ll play to the conspiracy cult.

      I hope Nancy and Adam keep it simple.

      52 USC 30121

      More popcorn….

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  1. RE: “Goldberg, whose conservative chops are substantial, points this out with absolute clarity.”

    Goldberg is one of the original never-Trumpers, so I’m not sure how much trouble for Trump his opinion represents. Trump is obviously in trouble because impeachment is a serious business, just as Hillary Clinton was a serious competing candidate.

    But I think most of us on the Trump train don’t endorse the therapeutic impulse. We don’t think the president has done anything he needs to apologize for. It would be just a pretense and a sign of weakness to take Goldberg’s advice.


    1. Well, I can understand why you will not get be getting off the Trump Train. Such a mensch! Such a tough guy on the Celebrity Apprentice – a show NOTHING like WWE. What a decisive leader. When it came time to fire Meatloaf he did not even blink! And never apologized for ANYTHING. Exactly the leadership America needs at a time of global challenges.

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  2. I disagree, but if I’d supported this lying bubble-head of an empty suit, I’d probably be making those same sad statements you are, too.

    It doesn’t really matter about his legacy, at this point, whether he’s impeached or even re-elected. His asterisk-laden-presidency is-what-it-is, and will go down as one shameful, disgusting, steaming pile of corruption, lies and disdain for America.

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  3. This maybe true IF the impeachment does not include abuse of power. In so much as Trump attempted an end-run around the Constitutional rights of a citizen using the power of his office, then he could be charge under Title 18 section 241.

    Any criminal acts involved with mishandling data on classified drives, or the criminal act of misclassification of documents as a means to covering a crime (obstruction, bribery, election laws, etc.) might be overlooked by Congress.

    So, the Democrats avoid the obvious charges (abuse of power, and obstruction), and Trump pulls the “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize it was a crime,” then Goldberg might be right. But, I would point out that for Trump to apologize for such a STUPID act would mean he’s too stupid to be President.

    BTW, you Trumpets should avoid “Oh, it’s just Trump being Trump” with this issue. Saying such is not highlighting a mitigating circumstance for him, but is an admission on your part that you knew he was a criminal.

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    1. U.S. Code § 241. (Conspiracy against rights) looks to me like it would be hard to prove. You would have to show that the action of the accused was not legal, or not attributable to otherwise legal performance of the action.

      Trump’s actions with respect to Ukraine are all attributable to the legal performance of the duties of his office. It doesn’t really matter that the Bindens may be impacted personally, or that Trump may benefit politically, bacause every action of the president affects citizens personally and may benefit him politically.

      This, in fact, is one of the main arguments against assuming Trump committed an abuse of power.


  4. “…because every action of the president affects citizens personally and may benefit him politically.”

    By golly, he can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and his fans will still support him.


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