8 thoughts on “Kerry: Michael Bloomberg Wants To Pick Your State Senator

  1. Ms. Dougherty reveals her ugly and constipated doctrinaire thinking when she refers to those defending the right of women to make their own reproductive decisions as “abortion enthusiasts.” Nobody is an “abortion enthusiast.” In fact, the people she would demonize – such as Planned Parenthood – do more to avoid abortions that all the holy rolling “pro life” hypocrites and Theocrats combined.

    As for “follow the money,” congratulations on finding the isolated instance where the Democrat actually got more outside money than the Republican she is running against. As a matter of fact, it is the Democrats who strive to get money out of politics while it is the GOP that systematically protects it.

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    1. That “abortion enthusiasts” comment struck me as well. It also demonstrates why she has a “blog” that only the wing-nut crowd pays any attention to.

      And yeah, the “follow the money” comment is laughable in context with what the “money” (dark) has done to and for the GOP.

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  2. This is a consequence of Virginia having it’s General Assembly elections in odd numbered years.

    With no national races to contribute to, the special interests pour money into Vriginia elections


    1. You make a good point about the impact of these off-year elections on the flow of money. Probably has a lot to do with it.

      Of course, the GOP legislature is not likely to change it because the higher turnout to be expected if they were coordinated with national elections (saving us some money to boot) would work to their political disadvantage.

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  3. Outside money comes to any race considered important. Kiggan, a Republican challenging Turpin for a State Senate seat in Va Beach is getting several hundred thousand from a national GOP fund for state elections.

    Of course Dougherty forgot to mention that. I’m sure she meant well.

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