MSN: Justice Dept. Is Said to Open Criminal Inquiry Into Its Own Russia Investigation

The announcement of the change in status of the investigation was breaking news late last night on TV. Within minutes, high-ranking Democrats were issuing press releases denouncing AG Barr for engaging in political dirty tricks at the behest of President Trump.

That’s crazy talk, of course, but indicative of what we can expect as this story unfolds. We’re going to be treated to a case study in propaganda and disinformation that observers would do well to study.

The announcement of the status change itself is a case in point. The sources for the report are anonymous, meaning we don’t even know with certainly whether the report is true. Also, the report admits that we don’t know when the change in status occured.

In the absence of the most basic necessary facts, nearly every comment on this story is bound to involve speculation, a fancy term for overheated imaginations that inspire mass hysteria.

So, be careful, folks. Study and learn.

4 thoughts on “MSN: Justice Dept. Is Said to Open Criminal Inquiry Into Its Own Russia Investigation

  1. I believe that the decision was preordained. No matter what was or wasn’t found, Barr was going to do Trump’s bidding and move forward to criminal investigations regardless. IMHO, based on the words and actions of Barr from Day One as AG.

    However, if criminal wrongdoing is PROVEN, then by all means, hang ’em all.

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  2. Of course it was pre-ordained. Trump wasn’t going to let “his DOJ” not protect the president. Isn’t that was the DOJ does?

    He just had to search around for the right AG.

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  3. I see that it matters whose ox is being gored.

    Once it was learned that Comey used the Steele Dosier as probable cause for surveillance of Carter Page before the FISA court and that planted news reports were used as substantiation, it was inevitable that there would be crimiinal charges.

    What is unknown is what ELSE will float to the surface in the investigation.

    Of course, I am not unbiased, I want everyone who had any part on the pre-dawn, swat style raid on General Flynn to go to prison.


    1. Well at least John Durham is conducting the investigation. That should give credibility to the results. Of course Trump’s personal lawyer is overseeing the investigation.

      I still find it pretty hard to believe in a grand conspiracy especially with Comey’s announcement a week or so before the election that they found more emails. That killed Clinton’s chances in a heartbeat. Enough to shift the 75k votes in three key states.

      Meanwhile Republicans are storming the Bastille.

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