Trump supporter shows true colors

Unlike the post last week that claimed there was “antifa violence” outside a Trump rally, this video is real.

Bear repellant? Bear repellent.

23 thoughts on “Trump supporter shows true colors

  1. Lunatics come in all shapes, sizes, and hats.

    I’m continuing to focus on the obvious corruption of the trump Administration and the pathetic enabling of those capable, but refusing, of seeing the obvious damage to our great Country.

    Deflect/distract are all they have at this point and staying on task is key to getting the POS out of power.

    Heck, his news conference this afternoon was more (lying) gas on the fire.

    Popcorn! More Popcorn….

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  2. In the video, it appears to me that there were two sources of the spray.

    But in any case, the actions of one (or 2) nutcases does not characterize the actions of an entire party..


      1. There is a difference between the acts of an outlier and the acts of a chosen party leader.

        For example, Democrats in general get a pass on the guy who shot up the GOP baseball team but they do not get a pass on the acts of Clinton or Schiff or Schummer. Further, when the acts of an outlier are excused by the party, the party gets the blame.


        1. In the case of Schiff, I hope they get the “credit” that will be well deserved as he defends the Constitution and the rule of law (not something trump can or would understand).

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          1. 14 hours ago – President Donald Trump on Monday said the emoluments clause is “phony,” but it’s enshrined in the US Constitution.

            pick and choose…

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          2. The “emoluments” clause is not phony, but its application to market rate trade is.

            Consider that George Washington was an exporter of whiskey and tobacco while he was President.

            If some foreign buyer were paying him more than market rates for those products, that might be a violation, but at market rates, no one is being given a gift or benefit because of their office.


          3. @Tabor

            Your defense of trump using his office to benefit himself financially is increasing laughable.

            Since you want to bring GW into the conversation here is an actual equivalent:

            Foreign powers are forced to pay GW for his products or they choose to buy them but don’t pick them up or use them (wink wink).

            If you can’t see or understand that both things are being done by this President I don’t know what to tell you…


    1. And the report said they were looking into a second individual.

      Yet the actions of ALL anti-Trump folks get lumped in with ANTIFA.

      Hypocrisy screams from the Chesapeake Compound.


      1. Not so,

        I hold Antifa members responsible for their actions, and I also hold those who finance them(they can’t afford air fare and bail money themselves, someone is supporting them) as well as those who make excuses for their actions.


        1. …”they can’t afford air fare and bail money themselves, “…

          Quite an assumption. You don’t know for a fact that they are not self-supporting.

          And you lump groups together by the actions of a small number all of the time. As an example: “The Squad” is not representative of the entire Democratic Party, but they constantly get referred to as such. Please stop doing what you accuse others of doing. It is unbecoming of a man of your stature.


          1. RE: “It is unbecoming of a man of your stature.”

            Your habit of slandering people you disagree with is tiresome and unwelcome.


          2. @John Todd Roberts

            Telling someone they hold stature is NOT slanderous. You have no idea what you are talking about. If I had called him a moron or an idiot, then yes, I would have slandered him. I was just saying that his opinion was hypocritical. When I see hypocrisy, I call it out.

            And you can take your condescending attitude to another poster as it is THAT which grows tiresome.


          3. RE: “Telling someone they hold stature is NOT slanderous.”

            Except that is not what you said. You said Dr. Tabor’s behavior was “unbecoming.”

            Frankly, Mr. Green, your style of participation degrades a forum such as this. Nobody cares about the private standards you apply to others, sitting in judgement as you do and issuing public condemnations. Comments like yours don’t deserve to be taken seriously.

            If you cannot control yourself you should find some other sandbox to play in.


          4. Frankly, Mr. Roberts, I find your holier than thou, condescending attitude, and conspiracy theory websites a lot more offensive than anything I have said.

            You sit there in your ivory tower condemning me for my opinions. If Doctor Tabor was offended by what I said he is quite capable of defending himself. He does not need you, the purveyor of attacks on me for my opinions, to defend him.

            You cannot even click a “Like” when I give you kudos for something you post. See you “Something…or Nothing post form the other day as an example. Or the post concerning G-d.

            You are nothing more than a contrarian who does not like me. I see much worse directed at you by others and you say NOTHING about it. Your dislike for me is your choice.

            But you can take your holier than me BS and put it elsewhere, You will not bully me from voicing my opinions. You can disagree. But your repeated attacks are uncalled for.

            I also believe that Don has given you administrator rights and can remove any post you deem unfit. Go ahead. It will just prove what kind of individual you are.


        2. If Antifa has a well buried benefactor, the police or feds have not found it yet after 3 years. Besides, I think the rich Republican donors are supporting Antifa to make the Democrats look bad. That’s as good a BS conspiracy as Crowdstrike owned by rich Ukrainians. Certainly makes more sense.

          In addition you can fly coast to coast R/T for a couple of hundred and bail through a bondsman for destruction of property, disturbing the peace, etc., is not that high. Besides, didn’t Trump offer to pay attorney fees for those who commit assault at rallies, etc.?

          (I wonder if “bear spray man” will get some help from Trump?)

          Finally, white supremacists, racists and neo-Nazis are much more organized with websites, logos, meetings and willingness to fly across country to create mayhem.


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          1. I like Quora the best from your list.

            Antifa gets no funding. Heck, they spend no money.

            I am very skeptical of sites that list prominent people and suggest they have “ties” to this and that.

            But if it floats your boat, then so be it.

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