For a Democrat, she isn’t so bad

Tulsi Gabbard Fires Back at ‘Queen of Warmongers’ Hillary Clinton For Suggesting She’s a Russian Asset

At least she sees Hillary as she is.

13 thoughts on “For a Democrat, she isn’t so bad

  1. HRC haters will jump on any silliness from a woman that is completely irrelevant in today’s political calculus.

    The accusation was directed at Putin/Russia and I’m not surprised Tulsi reacted as she did. But you never know….(that’s for the conspiracy crowd on the forum…).

    However, once again, a distract/deflect tactic which will come to nought (deck chairs..).

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      1. “Joe” ? No.

        I think both Sanders (who’s politics I abhor) and Biden are too old to be President.

        Personally I am pulling for Bullock, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar …


    1. I’m sorry. I didn’t see where Hillary was running. Her relevance in the current campaign is palpable at best. She had her chance and blew it. Twice. For anyone, in or out of the Democratic Party, to take her seriously is a waste of good brain cells.

      Lumping all Dems as you just did is akin to lumping all Republicans as racists. Very Trumpian.

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  2. Perhaps Ms. Gaggard should try to find a (miraculous) strategy that would make her even slightly relevant on that stage. She needs to pull an Elvis and just ‘leave the building.

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