Stinks to high heaven!

Mulvaney’s bold claims that Doral is the best place in America to host the event is the biggest crock of poo I’ve heard today. He also says that Trump won’t benefit financially from it. Is he going to donate all of the money spent at Doral to a real charity? His legal fees are not charity, by the way.

This line in particular was milk-out-the-nose outrageous: Mulvaney said, adding: “The Trump family made their money before they went into politics, that’s a big difference.” So did the Trump family all of a sudden STOP making money after they went in to politics? Mulvaney needs to wipe the orange off of his lips from kissing his bosses “239” pound behind.

13 thoughts on “Stinks to high heaven!

  1. Who the hell cares?

    Assuming Mulvaney is telling the truth when he says Doral will be providing its services at cost, the “emoluments” will be going out, not coming in. Try impeaching a president for that!


  2. It does stink to high heaven, and considering how this money-grubbing guy can’t pass up a deal – if you got half a brain you got to know that there is some monetary value for the Trump Companies in this ‘invitation’. We’ll hear what it is, eventually.

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    1. Millions of dollars in “free” advertising is the most obvious value.

      The cost of hosting itself is a pittance compared to what trump will receive as he tries to try to save his failing (one of many for bankruptcy boy) resort.

      Good news; it won’t matter as his admission to blackmailing Ukraine will suffice.

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  3. Perhaps then we should go back and retroactively impeach George Washington.

    Our first President was the wealthiest man in the country, largely as an exporter of whiskey and tobacco. So if doing business with foreigners is impeachable…


      1. It’s part of the “if I tell you that I am breaking the law, it ain’t breaking the law” defense.

        “You think Ukraine was illegal? Then I am doing it again with China. You got a problem with that?”

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    1. Yeah, but did GW divert military flights to his golf resort in Ireland for refueling.

      He may get have traded his whiskey for dirt on his opponents…mmm, didn’t consider that.

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      1. Trump did not divert any flights to bring business to his resort, the aircrew made that choice themselves.

        But that’s not the point either. Emoluments are gifts given by a foreign state, market value trade is not a gift, even if there are normal profits.


        1. From emoluments -the returns arising from office or employment usually in the form of compensation or perquisites.

          Don’t see no gifts in THIS definition.

          From the same: Definition of emoluments clause
          1or foreign emoluments clause : a clause in Article 1, Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution that prohibits federal officeholders from accepting any present, emolument, office, or title from any foreign state or its rulers or representatives
          2or domestic emoluments clause : a clause in Article 2, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution that prohibits the president from receiving any emolument from the federal government or from any state other than the compensation Section 1 provides for service as chief executive

          Yeah, gifts (presents)are mentioned. Rut-ro, Astro.

          As far as flights go, aircrews only make those decisions in emergency situations. The DOD folks decide where flights can go on a routine basis.

          You need to find a a new tinfoil supplier, Yours seems faultier by the day.


          1. @Tabor
            From the report: “An exchange between the Pentagon and lawmakers last month revealed the Defense Department has spent nearly $200,000 at Turnberry since Trump became president in 2017.”

            That sure as hell sounds like DOMESTIC EMOLUMENTS to me. To those who twist themselves into pretzels to defend Trump, it won’t. But the twists seem to be affecting their brains.


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