Trade deal or Trump hype?

“The deal I just made with China is, by far, the greatest and biggest deal ever made for our Great Patriot Farmers in the history of our Country,” he said on Twitter.

Consider that China made a verbal agreement to go back to buying some agricultural products again, how it this the “greatest…ever”?

According to Navarro, the “seven deadly sins”, intellectual property, currency manipulation, etc. are not even on the table. And all the tariff bluster is just a slight delay in the 5% bump. Don’t want to hurt consumers near Christmas with the tariffs “China, not Americans, is paying”.

Meanwhile railroads, trucking, investments, job openings are all on hold or weakening.

“Tariff wars are easy”? Coke through the nose laughter at the biggest and “greatest ever” lie from this regime. And that is saying something.


12 thoughts on “Trade deal or Trump hype?

  1. I’m just guessing, but in real estate, like any other microeconomic venture, some bluster, some lawyers, some “upping the ante at every turn”, a pile of money in your pocket and “truthful hyperbole” probably works decently most of the time. And if it doesn’t, you move on to another deal.

    Unfortunately, in this trade war, there is no “other deal”. Especially now that we have scrapped TPP and supposedly negotiated a brand new NAFTA, still not approved. (And most reasonable folks would say it is the same deal with a couple of tweaks here and there.) And we are about to slap the EU with huge tariffs because they subsidize Airbus.

    So it takes masterful, patient negotiation with wins for both China and the US. I don’t think damaging our economy trying to damage China’s is particularly smart. Then we have gone from a “win/win” to a “lose less/lose less”.

    Trump needs a good trade win to boost the economy back to previous Obama numbers before the election. Xi needs just to dangle a small carrot every once in a while for the next year.

    When I see stalwarts like Thiessen and WSJ questioning Trump’s decisions, I see trouble in River City.


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  2. Wars of any kind, including trade wars, are a lot harder when half the country is eager to see us lose.

    Trump’s ability to negotiate a tough deal is very limited when it is not certain to other leaders he will be here in 6 months.

    Democrats have made it almost impossible to conduct foreign policy of any kind, and then seek to blame him for the failures they have caused.


    1. “Trump’s ability to negotiate a tough deal is very limited” “Trade wars are easy” DJT

      Democrats fault, half the country against, wah, wah, wah…, utter BS and embarrassing.

      Your boy made his/our bed and has no one but himself to blame….but of course he and his enablers will.

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    2. Excuses, excuses. Bill Clinton was under investigation for most his term with shifting parameters and then impeached. We still had a government despite the best efforts of Republicans. He increased taxes and balanced the budget with a positive number.

      Obama faced a GOP that plotted his destruction for two terms in a row starting with his first inauguration.

      Trump could have accomplished a lot more if he wasn’t so fixated on dividing the country into those who kissed his ass and the rest of us. Every rally since day one has been about insults, bigotry and adulation. A really good negotiator could have brought moderate Democrats into the fold. But true to Republican style, he kept flipping and moving goal posts (think the January 2018 offer to fund his wall and grant him 90% of what he wanted that he reneged on.) Boehner quit after the Tea Party changed their mind on a deal with Obama.

      Then he starts a truly stupid trade war only because Congress is so wimpy and he had to quit TPP because Obama put it together to counteract China with a dozen other nations.

      No, Don, it isn’t the all the Democrats. True, they have issues too. But it is up to the president to lead and even with Republicans in charge he couldn’t accomplish squat. His party barely rammed a hasty, poorly put together tax cut. No reform, just a cut with short term effects that are now a faded memory. And he had little to do with it except a signature.

      Trump has taught his supporters that nothing is his fault, that others are to blame.


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      1. None of those compare, even remotely.

        In the, partisan politics stopped at the water’s edge. Now we have Democratic legislators promising other countries a better deal if they wait Trump out.

        We had FBI employees plotting to sabotage Trump before he was even sworn in.

        We had private conversations with foreign leaders, before the current one, leaked to the press to embarrass those leaders so that no other foreign leader could feel safe confiding in Trump.

        Those things never happened before, and they bear directly on negotiations with foreign powers.

        Certainly partisanship plagued previous Presidents of both parties, but deliberate sabotage of foreign policy is entirely new.


        1. Blaming everyone else except for the one man responsible is short sighted and wrong headed. Trump sabotages his pwn policies with every tweet, rally and phone call. Using his private attorney for foreign policy seems the most unsightly thing of all. If Trump wants Rudy involved in actual foreign policy and not political gamesmanship, then give him a job in the State Department. At least that way Rudy could use the cover of his office to negotiate for political dirt.

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          1. I’ve got a feeling Rudy is going down with his henchmen over this LNG deal and the fired Ambassador.

            Watching the tangled web being unraveled is like a slow motion train wreak..

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        2. …” deliberate sabotage of foreign policy is entirely new.”

          Yeah. The GOP should stick to DOMESTIC policy sabotage. Trump can’t sabotage what doesn’t exist. Like a coherent foreign policy.


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