Georgia 2019 smells like Germany 1933

While the students were exercising their 1A rights, they may want to reconsider their actions using an historical perspective.

10 thoughts on “Georgia 2019 smells like Germany 1933

  1. I went to high school in Georgia. The boys like to compete with each other who could run over the most dogs with their cars. The Sheriff told my father to bring his shotgun to the courthouse on election day to make sure on the “right people” voted. Of course, that was decades ago, but this story is evidence for how persistent ignorance and racism is through the generations. I am reminded of this song . . .

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  2. It’s a shame to see young minds closing at a time when they should be doing the opposite.

    Hopefully this incident will spur an intervention that results in a broader and more tolerant perspective in the future.

    It certainly looks like an opportune “teaching moment” to turn lemons into lemonade (with a little bourbon added).

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  3. I was reminded of a classic debate between William Buckley and James Baldwin in Cambridge, 1965.

    That we could have such a civil engagement today is a pipe dream.

    The subject was incendiary (pun intended) to be sure:

    ‘Has the American Dream been achieved at the expense of the American Negro?’

    Our universities have become microcosms of societal rifts. The left has been accused of intolerance with some merit and plenty of rehashed examples in the last decade. The right, however, is not blameless. The book burning is the latest example.

    This, of course, is just a reflection of what our political divisions have devolved to. And the “bubbles” are strong and seemingly impenetrable.

    It might be that quaint notions of etiquette and civil behavior could use a freshening. Universities are packed with “everyone gets a trophy” folks. But that doesn’t excuse the lack of civil behavior except as a result of lax parenting.

    Unfortunately we have a current administration led by a man who revels in crude, insulting behavior. Not just in private, but as a political tool. And that has an appeal to many voters, including students who can’t help but be influenced. Kind of like “Mom, Jimmie can do it, why can’t I?”. Or worse, “He is one of us”. What does that make “us”?

    To borrow from an old joke: incivilty was not invented by the current regime, it just perfected it.

    The book burning is disturbing. The historical significance probably escapes most of the perpetrators and even the populace. More importantly, however, it shows a fear of being exposed to points of view that don’t support strongly held beliefs that might not survive scrutiny.


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  4. A lot apparently depends on the ideology of those exercising their 1st Amendment rights. A right-wing book burning in Georgia gets compared with Germany in 1933, even though the only connection is the act of burning a book. Left-wing Antifa, however, with substantive historical connections to 1933 Germany, commits actual political violence that goes unremarked, even ignored or excused.


  5. There has been some violence by Antifa no doubt. Not recently that I could find.

    The FOX News report with Meadows was certainly fake news. The reporter kept talking about the violence, yet the video showed just a lot of milling about.

    The police reported one arrest and one citation. Not exactly Watts in the sixties. Or Charlottesville for that matter. Obama rallies had more excitement.

    The Antifa movement does go back to the anti-Hitler protests. The book burnings were pro-Hitler events.
    That might not be a good comparison to bring to the forefront as a sympathetic argument for the events at Georgia Southern.


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    1. RE: “The FOX News report with Meadows was certainly fake news.”

      That’s ridiculous. The segment with Meadows discussed the Antifa violence which Mr. Green (and now you) can’t seem to find reported. The broadcast had other video reporting from the crowd, so just because you didn’t see it in the one clip, that doesn’t mean the reports are fake.

      Still, your comment confirms my observation. Whenever Antifa commits actual political violence, someone pops up to rationalize it away.


      1. I didn’t rationalize it. You brought up the iniquity of 1933 comparisons.

        So FOX did not post the entire clip and eliminated all the violence? Why?

        The police still reported only one arrest and one citation.

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      2. I asked for a cite of violence and you posted the Fox video which showed….uh… NO VIOLENCE. You claimed there was violence yet provided no proof of it. Your headline was fake, the Fox chyron was fake, and just because violence has occurred in the past, you seem to look for it every time. This time you failed and refuse to admit it.

        You repeatedly ask me for proof and deride me for not providing it. I return the favor.


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