A call for a Washington Corrupt Practices Act.

Schweizer does a good job of pointing out the Bidens and the McConnell-Chaos and the appearance of impropriety.

There already is a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act on the books. This idea could go a long way to cleaning up some of the family messes occurring these days.

7 thoughts on “A call for a Washington Corrupt Practices Act.

  1. This is something that must be addressed at all levels of government.

    Some years ago during the Light Rail fiasco I looked into a VA legislator who was considered above reproach, but I found that his wife held a paid position on the Board of Directors of both a Bank and an Insurance company.

    Well, good for her, so much for the glass ceiling. Except that she was an elderly lady with early Alzheimers.

    If you look into the families of many VA legislators you will find the same thing, their wives and children are the conduit through which they are bought.

    At the very least, such arrangements should be publicly acknowledged the same as campaign contributions.


    1. The piece points out the Biden and McConnell-Chao families and you go to the issue in VA? A bit off topic Dr. Moderator. I notice you didn’t bring up the Trump-Kushner family. More deflection. You are almost as adept at that as Trump.


    1. SO we have a problem with massive, but legal, corruption in the VA legislature, and other parts of government, and all you can think about is Trump?

      It is tragic to be so blinded by hatred that you can’t see larger and closer problems we should be dealing with.


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