17 thoughts on “Trump makes way for Turkey operation against Kurds in Syria

      1. “ YOU get a Trump….” genocide.

        When the pictures of dead women and children come before us, who will he blame?

        Anyone supporting this ignorant POS is complicit.

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  1. I believe we have a nasty history of screwing those who helped us. Laotian tribesmen Hmong others.

    (I apologize, but I succumb to temptation easily.)

    The Kurds are some of the most stable and well educated people in their own semi-autonomous regions. Yet, the nations (Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq) refuse to let them have their own country. We can thank the Brits after WW1 for botching up the Middle East.

    Kurds are the global victim of the adage that no good deed goes unpunished.

    And true to form, our autocrat wannabe is helping another of his heroes, Erdogan.

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      1. I don’t disagree that the Kurds have been allies. But they are trying to carve off a piece of Turkey for a homeland. I wish them well in their efforts but we cannot join them in that effort.

        The proposed Kurdish homeland includes parts of Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. At most, we could be justified in helping them secure turf in Iraq and Syria.

        But absent a declaration of war against Turkey and/or Iran from Congress, Trump really can’t support them in their conflict with Turkey.

        It is really a tragic mess and our sympathies are rightly with the Kurds, but we have treaty obligations that can’t be ignored.


        1. “ we have treaty obligations that can’t be ignored.”

          Wrong: WE can do what is the RIGHT thing to do at ANY time we feel it necessary.

          Hiding behind a “treaty” is cowardly. Kinda like hunting ducks from a blind…

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          1. Well, one thing America has NEVER done was hide behind a treaty. In fact, we’ve never signed a treaty with no intention of breaking it. Ask the Cherokee for one. Even GW broke the ABM treaty with 6 months left to go because he couldn’t wait to test some defensive missile in Alaska. The humor is that it failed, and continued to do so.

            BTW, the MOE for a successful ABM system is 90%. Think about it.

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        2. Instead of bailing on the Kurds, who have been much more of an asset in the region than Turkey, how about working to broker a deal between the Kurds and the countries in question? Or would REAL foreign policy initiatives be too hard for our undermanned State Department?

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        3. We have no treaty obligations with respect to a civil war in Turkey and even less obligation to stand aside and let Turkey attack people in Syria. No one is proposing we make war on Turkey on behalf of the Kurds. Talk of treaty obligations is an irrelevancy.

          Trump is flawed in countless ways. Selling out friends and allies for no good reason is just another. He did it to the Ukraine and now has done it to the Kurds.

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    1. Well, to be completely frank, the Brits screwed up EVERY placed the Union Jack ever flew.

      “The sun never sets on the British Empire!” For good reason, even God didn’t trust a Brit in the dark.

      Sadly, American imperialism has replace British arrogance with American arrogance.

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    2. The Brits made a mess 100 years ago.

      We screwed the Middle East up when Bush invaded Iraq 16 years ago.

      There are multiple parents to the irascible kids near the Levant.

      Eastern Turkey and Northern Iraq make sense. Iraq owes us, Turkey needs massaging.

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