ZeroHedge: Spooks Turned Spox: US Media Now Filled With Former Intelligence Agents

ZeroHedge doesn’t list any of the former intelligence officers Fox News employs, but it is still useful for bringing attention to a problem we have seen before.

Back in the 1970s Congress held hearings on intelligence community abuses, among them a CIA program to influence public opinion through domestic national media called Operation Mockingbird. Those hearings led among other things to Congress passing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act which in turn established the FISA Court which is much in the news these days. President Carter signed the act into law in 1978.

I’m not convinced that spooks hiring out to media is necessarily or inherently a bad thing. The problem is that government really can’t operate without surveillance of the people, and surveillance really can’t operate if the people know all about it. Until someone comes up with a proper solution to this age-old puzzle, we’re probably stuck with it.

In the meantime, a significant reduction in the size of the intelligence community itself may be in worth considering.

One thought on “ZeroHedge: Spooks Turned Spox: US Media Now Filled With Former Intelligence Agents

  1. While we are on the subject of intelligence retirees working for CNN and friends, here is a man who worked for FOX as a military analyst while still employed as an intelligence officer.

    “It’s odd for someone to work undercover on classified programs for the government while simultaneously being a public figure in the media.”

    In a world of smart appliances that know when you’re out of green beans or beer, and that information is sucked over to big data, nothing is surprising.

    I guess I’m lucky to be old enough where nothing I do is worth a crap to anyone who wants to take me out.
    Just annoying ads for prostrate and cataract problems.

    China has installed millions of surveillance cameras with super sophisticated face recognition and other information cross referencing. And selling that to other dictatorships or authoritarian “democracies”.

    Coming soon to the street corners near you. Probably.

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