ZeroHedge: Biden Campaign Demands TV Networks Stop Booking Rudy Giuliani

Because it shows the candidate can’t handle the pressure of the race, this story probably signals the end of the Biden campaign.

8 thoughts on “ZeroHedge: Biden Campaign Demands TV Networks Stop Booking Rudy Giuliani

    1. Yes, yes. Joe is done. The Democrat base will not look kindly on Joe’s attempt to keep Trump from embarrassing himself further. The base has been waiting for the clown show for 3 years, and now that the elephant parade has left the tent, the orange-hair horn-tooting buffoon has the center ring.

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  1. How about the part of the letter where they requested time for Biden surrogates to be interviewed and provide the Bidenview to offset the Rudyview? It seems to me that the networks, ALL of them, are complicit in providing Trump and his campaign free airtime and not getting the opposing view directly from the horse’s….pick your orifice.

    Rudy gets debunked in real time, changes his answers and flip flops like that fish out of water in the anti-smoking campaign PSA. THAT’S entertainment, not news.

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  2. It amazes me how stupid the often highly paid campaign officials and advisors can be. Giuliani is a well known joke. No one I know, left or right, takes him seriously. Even his interviews are as rambling and incoherent as the president’s.

    And, yet, this dumb letter that will be campaign fodder for the right wing so long as Biden pursues the candidacy.

    Bye, bye, Biden.

    Hello, Warren.

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