7 thoughts on “ZeroHedge: New Docs Contradict Biden Claim That Fired Ukrainian Prosecutor Was Corrupt

  1. A lot of Shokin trying to protect himself. And a lot of Trumpkin trying to shift the narrative. The act of any one who is being forced out.

    Ignoring the fact that the calls for Shokin to be replaced because of his own corruption by the majority of Ukraine’s allies is disengenuos.

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        1. Here is a link that gives a pretty good detailed explanation of the Shokin firing. It wasn’t just Joe Biden’s threat of withholding a billion in loan guarantees. The IMF was threatening the withholding of 40 billion in guarantees.

          In addition, gas company investigations were started long before Biden became a board member and were centered on another oligarch.

          Anyway, this narrative is more precise and, to me, more believable.


          Zerohedge is certainly a controversial site with some pluses and minuses. It seems to adhere to global banking conspiracies yet has focused on some abuses by major financial institutions.

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