A Windfall or a Scam?


My son received his and my wife and I received mine. yippee.

Because the GA dragged its feet and didn’t bring the state standard deduction in line with the changes at the Fed level, I owed the state over $800 on May 1. And because I didn’t benefit from itemizing on the 1040, I HAD to take the VA standard deduction. The paltry $221 received doesn’t even come close to what the numbers should have been. I’m still out just under $600 as I have never owed the state more than $100 in any given year since 2008.

This is a feel good move by the state, primarily the GOP leadership in the GA, to say, “Hey, you got a windfall because we are so good at managing things.” Horse feathers!

4 thoughts on “A Windfall or a Scam?

  1. On the other hand, the Feds’ standard deduction more than covered your State and Local Taxes, so at least you didn’t have to pay taxes on taxes.


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