The Next Trump Appointee to be out of a job.

“Neil Chatterjee, Trump appointee as Chairman of the FERC said it himself: ” “I believe climate change is real. I believe man has an impact and we need to take steps to mitigate emissions,””

Dude, you are so gone.

10 thoughts on “The Next Trump Appointee to be out of a job.

  1. Why would you think that? Trump has said the same thing himself.

    He has correctly called the proposed remedies to be a fraud. Wind and solar are no solution. They are just crony schemes, If we really want to limit CO2 emissions from electric generation, the road is natural gas as a bridge to nuclear.

    It is a mistake to characterize the climate debate as binary.

    Most of the skeptics would agree that climate change is happening, and that human activities play a part.

    The disagreement is the degree to which it ia man made as opposed to natural cycles and what we should do about it.

    It is not all or nothing, There will be both harm and benefit, There are costs to adapting and costs to trying to stop it. We have to rationally balance those costs to arrive at good policy, but we can’t do that if we are fighting false claims of an existential threat that science does not support.,

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    1. “Trump has said the same thing himself”

      Was that before or after the “ Chinese Hoax” declaration; hard to keep up…

      “Crony schemes”…

      Repeating something (over and over) does not make it true.

      Solar has great potential; if we move the tech forward as much as we have in the last 15 years, in the next 15, it will be a viable alternative. Particularly in locations that need it the most.

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        1. I timed things out to see how accurate your statement was about getting a word in. And out 1 minute and 50 seconds of actual tape, Trump spoke for 1 minute and 11 secs (including 6 seconds on his man-woman-pc statement. So the BS flag has been thrown.

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          1. That sounds pretty desperate. Is it normal for an interviewer to speak almost as much as the interviewee?

            Did the interviewer not repeatedly interrupt Trump?

            Did not Trump say that climate change is real and that human activity plays a part?

            Is that not what I wrote?

            BS flag indeed.


          2. Your math is strange. 39 seconds of questions vs 71 seconds of answers. And I took into account the cut offs of when Trump was headed of the rails. Sorry, but the only desperation I see is your in defending Trump.

            And you found the ONE interview where he didn’t invoke the “Chinese Hoax” defense. When has he said it at one of his rallies? FInd me that piece of tape and I will acquiesce. And many other someones, both defenders and detractors, have saaid the same thing. Watch what he does, not what he says.

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        2. Your post is a deflection, not an answer.

          I don’t read where anyone claimed he NEVER said it.

          Of course he is a master at saying something on both sides of an issue so that he can then claim he was correct, and more importantly provide his supporters with some “cover” (video) in a push back defense.

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