Why Meadow Died – Andrew Pollack

All they had to do was get it right once in 45 opportunities.

3 thoughts on “Why Meadow Died – Andrew Pollack

  1. There were certainly a lot of red flags that would have curtailed Cruz. Of course we don’t have any “red flag laws” yet.

    Fighting among teens and brothers is not enough of a crime to get an arrest record.

    True enough, the FBI dropped the ball as much as anyone since they had some serious indications and threats to deal with and didn’t.

    The father, however, blamed Democrats for all this. Not really the case.

    For a more critical look at this:


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    1. From your cite

      “”He put the gun on the head of his brother before. So, it’s not the first time. And he did that to his mom. It’s not the first time he’s put a gun on somebody’s head,” Deschamps said on the 911 recordings.”

      That is multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon. All felonies, All disqualifiers to owning a firearm.

      One arrest on those charges and no one would have heard of Parkland, FL.

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