11 AM Thursday and still no word


This is an important local story and 36 hours after the meeting still not a word.


7 thoughts on “11 AM Thursday and still no word

  1. thanks

    I guess I misread

    It has already been far too long. I am furious with Chief Cervera and I used to respect him.

    The day after the shooting he reported that “extended magazines” were used, but months have passed and we still don’t know what that means.

    We have had a Special Session, the Crime Commission has met, and political campaigns structured in part on that statement yet we still don’t know what the magazine capacity was, the standard capacity for that kind of handgun, the time elapsed before police engaged or the number of shots fired before police engaged.

    Absent that information, we cannot determine if magazine size made any difference at all.

    With no one to prosecute, it is almost criminal for the Chief to withhold that information from the public,.

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    1. “almost criminal“

      Agreed, and given the pain and need for information to hopefully provide some level of closure for those most directly affected, it’s inhumane.

      Someone better have a damn good reason for the delay.


      1. Not agreeing with the dealy, but I believe the stance was to wait for the results of the independent investigation. I have a hunch the city still wanted to stick with that, but with the length of time that is taking, and pressure (unreported lately) from the attorney(s) of the families involved, they felt compelled to release to VBPD info sooner rather than later. Still not soon enough, but it is what it is. IMHO


      1. Workplace toxicity is certainly something to examine, but I understand that will take some time to work out fairly. The report will be controversial and unavoidably subjective.

        But the magazine issue could have been reported immediately and was part of the reason for the special session. We should not be making law in ignorance of the facts.

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