Unz: What We Still Do Not Know About Russiagate


Unz Review finds a reprint from The Nation timely.

On the substance of the piece, my only comment is that the Church Committee was an important historical event which seems to have vanished from public consciousness.

We can blame that on the Boomers, I suppose, some of whom found the CIA’s LSD to be remarkable stuff.

2 thoughts on “Unz: What We Still Do Not Know About Russiagate

  1. Turn on, tune in, drop out. Fascinating that the first person arrested for possession of LSD in England was Donovan… hmm, almost like a setup.

    Now as for a Trump indiscretion in a non-Trump hotel in Russia? It could have be the US embassy and the outcome might have been the same.

    When the Navy built a building on Norfolk’s NOB that would eventually come to house route planning for the Tomahawk Land Attack missile back in the early 80s, they swept it for listening devices after construction. They found them.

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