Pilot Letter: Short-sighted Dems


Aside from the obviously comical aspects of a letter blaming the minority party for the unilateral policies of the president, there is an interesting tidbit here–the letter is premised on the idea that congressional Democrats’ refusal to capitulate to Trump’s every whim is somehow not the proper role of an opposition party. Their job, presumably, is to rubber stamp the president’s every “request.” Perhaps the writer’s time spent as an admiral has warped his sense of how the world works.

12 thoughts on “Pilot Letter: Short-sighted Dems

  1. Of course it is not the Opposition party’s job to grant every request of the President.

    But it is their job to legislate honestly and not to deny funding for no reason other than to deny the President a success.

    If the President’s request is honestly contrary ot their principles, they should oppose him, but they should not oppose those things they favored when their guy was in the White House.


        1. Since the degree of obstruction is different by orders of magnitude your weak criticism is a bit embarrassing.

          Heck the Garland blockage outweighs everything the Dems have done by itself…

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    1. “But it is their job to legislate honestly and not to deny funding for no reason other than to deny the President a success.”

      You mean the way McConnell claimed the GOP’s only duty during Obama’s presidency was to ensure he was a one term President? And after THAT particular Republican failure, to ensure Obama would have no legacy was duty number one. And the only way the GOP succeeded in that respect was to nominate the eraser-in-chief. Yet the ACA still stands and continues to grow in popularity as more and more of Trump country benefits from it. They just don’t know it. “Repeal Obamacare, but don’t touch the ACA”. That about says it all. Kind of like those who say, “Tell the government to keep their hands off of my Social Security and Medicare.”

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    2. This dishonest video misses the point entirely. Of course Democrats agree on the principle of the rule of law and the need to control our borders. The difference between the parties is on how to achieve those goals. Trump’s rhetoric of demonizing refugees and his policies of deliberate and illegal cruelty have proven to be counter-productive as well as a source of shame and embarrassment for out country.

      The historical record is clear. Democrats have done a better job at enforcing existing law and have repeatedly tried to get meaningful and comprehensive legislation past the opposition of Trump Republicans.

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    3. I seem to recall a retired dentist accusing the Democrats of moving the goalposts a generation or two ago with regards to gun control. You said was why “we never trust Democrats”.

      A year and a half ago a bipartisan proposal was presented to Trump for full funding of the wall, Dreamer protection (which Trump said he wanted), and other tweaks mostly what he wanted. He told them to go to hell. He changed his mind. Or more correctly, it was changed for him.

      Trust the president? Not anymore. Of course now we know that he flip flops daily, sometimes hourly.

      Hard to negotiate with someone like that.

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    4. Of course, they have a major problem with this President in that he obstructs everything, e.g. justice, himself, etc.

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t he burn McConnell on the funding for his wall in 2017? Wasn’t there a $21B passed-by-both Houses border security bill that included money for the wall?

      G.W. Bushed believed on Wednesday whatever he believed on Monday no matter what the Hell happened on Tuesday, but Trump shifts faster than a Kohler can flush and reload.

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  2. Outside of the usual “it was OK when they did it, but now it’s not ok when we do it” horse feathers, The retired admiral completely ignores the facts that a deal was agreed to between Mr. Trump and Democratic leadership that included $25 billion for the wall. Then the Fox News pundits and the immigration whisperer, Stephen Miller, advised him against accepting the deal, and away it went.

    The insincerely and lack of facts in the letter is enough to have kept it from being published. Ignorance may be bliss, but to ignore the facts of this debate is beyond ignorant. It is completely dishonest.

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  3. Congress is not a rubber stamp, but it should work toward compromise in solving the nation’s problems. All the admiral is saying is that there are consequences for Congress’ actions—and inaction. He is not wrong.


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