Think Progress folds

After losing money every year, and facing a $3million shortfall this year, Think Progress will cease operations.

The publisher, the Center for American Progress, expressed disappointment that a buyer for the operations could not be found. (Here’s a hint, a business which loses money every year for a decade is likely to be hard to sell.)

4 thoughts on “Think Progress folds

    1. Think Progress was supposed to be supported by advertising. I’m just pointing out the pitfalls of being in the business of selling to people who expect to get everything for free. 🙂


      1. Think Progress is still up and running today. Running any kind of journalistic effort is a tough business model and most progressive — that is independent non-corporate venues — are heavily reader and grant supported. None of them are pushing ideas of getting anything for free.

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      2. RE: “Think Progress is still up and running today.”

        The content is visible, but it hasn’t been updated since the closure announcement.


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