We need to talk about Joe Biden

From what I’m seeing, this is clearly a man in the early stages of dementia. Last night, on national television, one of his eyes filled with blood, which is apparently a symptom of hypertension. I’m only seeing right-wing sites mentioning the latter and no “official” discussion of the former.

This man is not well. If the DNC gives the primaries the Hillary treatment again, Donald Trump is going to eat Biden’s lunch.

By now, it is pretty clear that the DNC would rather lose with their anointed candidate, than potentially win with a progressive, but it’s shocking how much they’re clearly just phoning it in.

20 thoughts on “We need to talk about Joe Biden

  1. “clearly a man in the early stages of dementia”

    Funny, I started reading your comment before I looked at the title and just assumed you were about to rant about trump.

    I’m not sure if Joe is trending or not, but both he and Bernie are TOO old.

    Dems need to find a combo that works in the other contenders.

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    1. I’m fine with a geezer as long as their politics are good (and they remain in control of their mental faculties.)

      The youngest guy in the race is probably the most out of touch after Biden.


  2. The NY Post story on the “eye” clearly stated there are several reasons the eye could have filled with blood, citing WebMD as their source.

    That being said, I don’t see the DNC pushing Biden the way they did Hillary. He may be preferred, but they are letting things play out with rules that APPEAR much more fair to the other candidates. Plus, the other candidates in the top 5 are all polling ahead of Trump. Not that polls mean anything 14 months out, but it is something to watch.
    I wouldn’t mind a Warren-Buttegieg, Harris-Buttegieg, or Klobuchar-Harris ticket come next November.


  3. Mayor Pete is out of touch?

    I’d disagree, I would take his level of “out of touch”ness””, and intellect/knowledge over the two old men (who turn 80 during their term) ANY day.

    It is statistically improbable that either of them will not have (or already are experiencing) diminishing cognitive capability.

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  4. My question is, Why do we need to talk about Joe Biden?

    If anybody wants to, that’s OK by me, but necessity assumes a lot and leaves me out. Probably others, too.

    As someone who won’t be voting Democratic, my thoughts on the subject are:

    Biden’s bloody eye doesn’t mean much to me. I predict he will self-destruct in any case, since he has done that at this level two times before.

    The puzzle for the DNC is that Biden has vastly more raw political talent than any of his rivals. This is both a function of his instincts for the game and a function of his experience. To put forth an alternative as the nominee looks like a challenge.


      1. Good pick up, I was chuckling as I read his “left out” non-participation, participation.

        Pretending someone of obvious consequence is not an issue and will simply “go way” , seldom works…

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  5. S’okay. If Biden can beat Trump by 12% minimum, I don’t care about his health issues. At this point, I would only care who he chooses as a running mate. The same with Trump. If he feels he could gain with someone other than Pence, all the better. The every 20-year spell was broken in 1981. If it restarts in 2021, well, then it’s a win-win.

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  6. Biden is a corrupt semi-demented politician who has made a career of serving corporate interests. He will not motivate voters to the polls. His time has passed.

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