LTE addresses school safety concerns, not directly related to guns.

I find it interesting that the name of the school is not included. Did the author leave it out? Did the Pilot edit it out? Things that make you go “hmmmm”.

I believe it would have more impact if the school had been identified. And if the Pilot edited it out, they did a disservice to parents whose children attend the elementary school in question. – IMHO

7 thoughts on “LTE addresses school safety concerns, not directly related to guns.

    1. I would not have identified the school, for legal and ethical reasons.

      “Doxing” is all the rage these days, but there’s not enough substance in the letter to jusify it. Beside, the letter performs a valid public service without it.

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        1. Aside from the fact that the police have no business in a school—particularly an elementary school—feeling a sense of security in the presence of police is not as universal an experience as you assume.


          1. Police are in our schools. They are now referred to as “Resource Officers”. And while I see your point, I point out that officers in schools can provide a community link that will go a long way to improving relations between our youth and the police. A little touch of mutual respect.

            We had a police officer (rotational between 2 or 3 different officers) that was assigned to hang out by the backdoor of my high school during the lunch hours. They were there to make sure we didn’t smoke on school property and that we didn’t cause any mischief in the neighborhood. (If they only knew exactly what was happening in my garage one half block away) They respected us and treated us fairly and we respected them. (Probably because they were armed. 👩‍✈️👨‍✈️) But they were friendly enough to us that there are several pictures in our yearbooks of casual poses and being friendly to us.


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