Mass shooting is now page 6 news

I guess a couple of dozen casualties and 7 dead is no longer front page news.

The Odessa, Texas rampage on Saturday did not warrant more than a passing wire story in today’s Pilot.

Seems like Dan Hodges of the UK was prescient when he said after Sandy Hook:

“In retrospect, Sandy Hook marked the end of the U.S. gun-control debate. Once America decided killing children was bearable, it was over.”

(BTW, how many shootings are happening in Texas? In the last 20 months or so 65 dead and many times more wounded or traumatized in 4 places: a church, a school, a Walmart and now a stretch of road. A red state where bearing arms is sacred.)

12 thoughts on “Mass shooting is now page 6 news

  1. We ‘knew’ that SOMETHING nationwide would be done to change the hearts and minds of legislators after reading of 1st-graders slaughtered in their classrooms before lunch and left by the shooter in pools of blood.

    We ‘knew’ THIS shooting would be answered in America by people who refused to ACCEPT the ease at which bat-dung angry, crazy wing-nuts could legally acquire the weapons of war so easily.

    We didn’t know crap and we didn’t know our how many of our friends, acquaintances and legislators wouldn’t give a fat-farkle EVEN about sweet, innocent 6 & 7 year olds.

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    1. If Republicans were as concerned for the safety of our school children as they are about a fertilized egg, we might get a handle on the weekly rampages.

      Instead of holding placards with pictures of aborted fetuses they could replace them with photos of slaughtered children from the crime scene.

      Demonstrations in front of LaPierre’s tailor shop, NRA meetings, statehouses, etc. SCOTUS has stricken down the minimum distance in front of clinics for the anti-choice crowd so they ought to be able to get in the faces of those folks just like they do with pregnant women.

      Yeah, I know this is a bit emotional. That’s one of the traits of being human.


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  2. The end of the gun control “debate” ended long before that. 1994 to be exact.

    Only 8 years earlier, the NRA compromised with Democrats on a ban of the sale of new automatic weapons, even if the buyer could meet the requirements of the earlier, 1934, Federal Firearms. Most of us didn’t really want a fully automatic firearm anyway, and the compromise was part of a larger bill that had some good parts.

    Then in 1994, Congress banned rifles that ‘looked like’ military weapons, the Assault Weapons Ban. Included in the bill was a sunset provision that would allow the act to lapse if it did no good.

    That ban was a betrayal of the 1986 compromise which was a betrayal of the 1934 compromise.

    That finally taught us the lesson. Compromise with Democrats is slow death. You move the goalposts faster than we can carry the ball.

    So, it gun owners will not compromise any further, it is because your side does not bargain in good faith. Why on Earth would we trust you?

    Every compromise is just a starting point for the next stage of a total ban.

    Now, your side wants ALL semiautomatic firearms banned.


  3. Honestly, that is the worst thing excuse for not addressing an issue that is only going to get worse. Because you may have felt “betrayed” by legislation a generation or two ago, discussion over.

    “Your Daddy dissed my Daddy 25 years ago. So I ain’t talkin’to you no more “.

    That kind of thinking would have scrapped the Constitution a couple of centuries back.

    As Jefferson said, we don’t expect a man to fit his childhood clothes, etc..

    But that’s fine. There are two or more sides to every debate. You are obviously entitled to bring up old grudges if that makes you more comfortable. However, as the demographics shift younger those people will tire of burying friends and loved ones. It is not just a body count. Each casualty, dead or wounded have dozens even hundreds of family, friends, co-workers, church members, etc. who are deeply affected. Survivors are traumatized, some for life.

    Bottom line is that tens of thousands are affected by this wave of domestic terrorism. And they don’t care about the big “sacrifice” you made about not being able to buy a Thompson submarine gun 3 or 4 decades ago or restricting your purchase of 100 round magazines today.

    They do care about living a normal life which means not needed to be armed to buy groceries or to worship or go to school or listen to a concert.

    Or to buy their kid bullet proof backpacks.


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    1. BTW, what is it you think is keeping you from living a normal life. Statistically, not being involved in the drug trade,you are no more likely to be a victim of homicide than a European.


  4. Seriously? 1934 and 1994 is a “series”?

    Heck, the Republicans have pushed the trickle down economics and tax cuts increase revenue crap every election since Reagan. And it hasn’t worked yet.

    Now that is a series.

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    1. The real “tell” is in the repeated use of “we”. I’m a gun owner and support enhanced universal background checks. I’m a gun owner who supports the right to keep and bear arms as stated in the 2nd Amendment.

      However, I understand that reasonable restrictions for the good of society are necessary and have been imposed on our “rights” throughout our history.

      Feelings of supposed betrayals by “them” as a basis for “us” to resist ANY action we may perceive as limiting “our” access to any and all weapons of war are ridiculous (and a smokescreen).

      I’m glad I’m more reasonable and sensible than to be part of whomever is part of the “we” being referenced.

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